Ireland imposes historic $ 266 million fine on WhatsApp for data privacy breach

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The instant messaging application WhatsApp has been fined this Thursday with a record number of 225 million euros ($ 266 million) by the Irish data protection regulatory body for violation of regulations in relation to the company’s transparency with its users and non-users about how they process data shared with other companies belonging to Facebook, your company matrix.

The fine, imposed by Ireland’s Data Privacy Commissioner (DPC), ends an open investigation into December 2018 in order to check if the courier company complied with the transparency obligations stipulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD) of the EU.

According to the DPC statement, the investigation focused on the transparency of “the data provided to both users and non-users“about the shared information processing between WhatsApp and other companies that also belong to Facebook.

TechCrunch esteem that WhatsApp would have violated the articles 5, 12, 13 and 14 of the RGPD, related to the processing of personal data, the transparency of communication and the information that must be provided when the personal data is obtained or not from the interested party.

In addition to the record fine, the DPC has issued an order that obliges WhatsApp to adjust data processing to current regulations.

For its part, WhatsApp considers that the fine is “totally disproportionate” and has announced that will appeal the decision.

“We do not agree today with the decision regarding transparency that we have provided to the people in 2018 and the sanctions are totally disproportionate,” the company spokesperson said.

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