“Irene Villa’s Heartwarming Live Proposal: Boyfriend Surprises Her with a Marriage Proposal!”

Irene Villa’s Surprise Engagement

Irene Villa is no stranger to attending conferences and presentations; however, one particular event on May 19th will forever be etched in her memory. Her partner, David Serrato, surprised her by proposing, and now it’s a date marked in red on her calendar. Between applause and emotion, Serrato presented her with a beautiful ring and asked her to begin a new phase as husband and wife.

This comes as no surprise given that Irene and David’s love story began as a slow-building friendship that eventually turned into something more. The pair collaborated on various projects which allowed sufficient time for them to become better acquainted and develop a meaningful connection.

Together, they plan to grow their love through marriage, and as a conscious life advisor and athlete, Serrato aligns well with Irene’s passions. Son of the historic athlete José Miguel Serrato, he has a degree in Physical Education from the University of León and has more than twenty years of teaching experience in secondary education and university. Currently, he is the deputy director of the Caep Soria High Performance Center and an entrepreneur as a coach for individuals and companies which helps them achieve their maximum performance.

The Second Wedding for Irene Villa

The wedding will be the second for the journalist, who was previously married to Juan Pablo Lauro from 2011 to 2018, whom she met at the Fundación También. Their union brought about the arrival of three children, Carlos (2012), Gael (2015) and Eric (2017). Despite their separation being “by mutual agreement and without drama”, the kids’ happiness remains the ultimate priority for both parties.

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Lauro has since remarried to Nuria Fergó, a singer, and they have started a new chapter of their lives together. Though it may seem awkward, the co-parents have continued to foster a respectful relationship with each other—for instance, in one unexpected incident, they ran into each other while on holidays in Ibiza, but it was all smiles and goodwill between the three.

For now, Irene and David’s engagement will take center stage as they prepare for the next phase in their relationship—marriage.

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