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Is Al Roker Alive or Did He Pass Away Today?

Is Al Roker Alive or Did He Pass Away Today?
Image Credit: YouTube/TODAY

Rumors about Al Roker’s passing appear frequently. As a familiar face with a history of health issues, any absence from NBC Today often leads fans to fear the worst. So, let’s address whether Al Roker is still alive or if the rumors of his death hold any merit.

As of now, Al Roker is very much alive. He has not passed away today, and any such claims circulating are false. It’s unclear how these rumors started this time, but to our knowledge, he hasn’t faced any major health scares recently.

These rumors about Al Roker passing away are likely fueled by his past health issues. NBC Today fans have been particularly worried since November 2022, when Roker missed the show for a few days. It was later revealed he was being treated for blood clots in his lungs. When he returned to Today on January 6, 2023, he disclosed his health issues were more severe than initially thought. During his two-month absence, he experienced two bleeding ulcers, internal bleeding that required surgery, colon resection surgery, and had his gallbladder removed.

In 2020, Roker was diagnosed with prostate cancer and had his prostate removed. Over the years, he has also undergone two knee replacements and a hip replacement. However, he’s perhaps best known for his 2002 gastric bypass surgery. Before the surgery, Roker was often associated with his large figure, but he later dropped to a healthier weight. He even wrote a book about his journey titled “Never Goin’ Back: Winning the Weight Loss Battle For Good” in 2013.

If you’re ever concerned about Roker’s wellbeing, NBC Today is a reliable source for updates. Their social accounts would certainly be among the first to share any significant news.

We genuinely wish Al Roker the best and hope he continues to enjoy good health for many more years.