Is Black Widow worth watching? These are our first impressions, no spoilers!

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We had to overcome a global pandemic to finally enjoy the Black Widow solo movie. We already had the opportunity to see it and here you go our first impressions on the tape, so you can get an idea of ​​whether or not it is worth going to the movies to watch Black Widow.

If there was a heroine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe of which we expected a movie, without a doubt it was Black Widow. Our female avenger spent much of her time relegated to the background in Marvel history and still managed to win over audiences.

Hence, most think that the film starring Scarlett Johansson is many years late. We can say yes so that the dupla Johansson/Pugh If it came true we had to wait a while, the wait was worth it.

First impressions of the movie Black Widow

Let’s start by clarifying the most anticipated question. Worth it? Yes, definitely. This is a Marvel movie very much in its style and if you already saw the 23 MCU movies, you definitely can’t miss it.

We can even say that if you are not a red bone fan of The Avengers, you will still like this tape. Black Widow, more than a superhero film, is a film of spies with great skills in battle and many emotional problems. And after the intense battles against out-of-this-world entities in the latest MCU movies, strangely, this is appreciated.

With the story of the Black Widow we will descend to a more earthly plane, but not for that less rugged. We have spent a lot of time thinking about the infinite problems of the universe that for a second we forget that on Earth, there are also dark beings, with power and money, who do not need gems to destroy the lives of their victims.

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This same dilemma faced him Natasha Romanoff, who after living great adventures to save the universe must face your past. On Black Widow, for the first time we will meet Natasha beyond her combat skills, we can see his vulnerable side, the one that rarely shows, and we will end up knowing its past.

All this emotional charge is not free, if there is one thing we can warn you that this film fails, it is in the development of its villains. Don’t expect big enemies and a complex backstory like in The Winter Soldier, because it doesn’t go that way. Black Widow focuses more on humanizing and bringing us closer to Natasha Romanoff than on disrupting Marvel history.

We have to give special recognition to Florence Pugh, who plays Natasha’s sister, Yelena belova. In general, the secondary characters in the film manage to conquer us, but Yelena goes further. Every Natasha and Yelena interaction is worth it and the action scenes they give us together are great.

Thanks to this dynamic between them, the small dips in the script will be compensated so do not worry because you will surely enjoy it from beginning to end.

In conclusion, Black Widow you will like. It may not be the best film in the MCU, but it sure is worthy of our favorite avenger. It has action, comedic moments, and an emotional undertone about forgiveness and family that can never be lacking in a Disney movie.

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