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Is Hideo Kojima Teaming Up With Robert Pattinson?

Is Hideo Kojima Teaming Up With Robert Pattinson?

Some fans of renowned video game director Hideo Kojima believe that the creator could be looking to soon work with actor Robert Pattinson. Throughout his career, Kojima has consistently collaborated with actors and actresses well-known for their roles in TV and film. In his next project, Death Stranding 2: On the Beach, Kojima has assembled a talented cast, including Elle Fanning, Norman Reedus, and Lea Seydoux. While Pattinson’s busy schedule might make it difficult to secure his involvement, there’s a growing speculation that Kojima might be aiming to collaborate with the star of The Batman.

These theories began to surface at the end of last month when Kojima and Pattinson met. Kojima shared a picture of himself with the actor on X (formerly Twitter), without providing much detail about their meeting. The picture quickly went viral and spurred numerous fans to suggest that Pattinson should work with Kojima on one of his upcoming titles.

For the most part, this is where the speculation started and ended. However, recently, Kojima added a bit more intrigue. In one of his customary “Good Morning” posts on X, Kojima mentioned that he was starting the day by listening to the Twilight soundtrack.

Many Kojima fans responded to this post by complimenting his taste in music. Others, however, saw this as a hint towards a potential collaboration between Kojima and Pattinson. The song Kojima mentioned was the only track from the film that Pattinson sang, further fueling the speculation. This post also went viral, reigniting belief in a potential collaboration based on Kojima’s recent activities.

If Robert Pattinson did find his way into a Hideo Kojima game, what game would it be? The most likely candidate seems to be Death Stranding 2: On the Beach. As Kojima’s next major release, it’s feasible that a recent meeting with Pattinson could be related to this game. The original Death Stranding featured numerous cameos from different actors, directors, and other personalities. If Death Stranding 2 follows suit, Pattinson’s involvement could be managed with relative ease, especially if it’s in a minor capacity.

Other potential options include OD, Kojima’s upcoming exclusive for Xbox, and Physint, a project being pitched as a spiritual successor to the Metal Gear Solid series. Both of these projects seem to be far off, with Physint potentially not launching until the PlayStation 6 generation. This means there could be ample time for Pattinson to work on a Kojima project if he’s interested.

Ultimately, though, it’s possible that the connection between Kojima and Pattinson might not lead to anything substantial. Kojima has mingled with numerous Hollywood A-listers in the past, and most of those encounters have not resulted in future collaborations. Nonetheless, Pattinson has appeared in some unconventional projects (such as Tenet and The Lighthouse), so there might be a chance he could be attracted to Kojima’s unique vision.

The growing speculation and various hints from Kojima have certainly captured the attention of fans. Whether this will lead to a significant collaboration remains to be seen.