Is it Neo or John Wick? Memes and reactions for the trailer of The Matrix Resurrections

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The return of Matrix, one of the most popular science fiction sagas of the last decades. While the first film is the jewel of the place and the next two installments were not so well received, watch again Keanu Reeves how Neo aroused nostalgia in more than one fanatic or fanatic and they made it clear on the networks, although many confuse it with another of his historical roles.

The tape was written and directed by Lana Wachowski, who also had his return, although this time he did it without his sister, Lilly. The reason for the absence of the co-creator was that she felt exhausted by other projects she had done, but she also assured that she is not attracted to going back to something she did in the past and she did not want to go down the same path that was emotionally negative for her. .

Keanu Reeves will again take the role of Neo, Accompanied by Carrie-Ann Moss como Trinity, the only two faces that fans will recognize when they attend the theaters. This morning the long-awaited trailer arrived that had been shown in the first instance at CinemaCon and the film’s hashtags have already become a trend around the world, showing that it is highly anticipated. This is the trailer!

Something that caught the eye was the new look Reeves wears, sporting a mane and beard that inevitably is compared to John Wick, another of his most popular roles in recent years. The Coronavirus pandemic postponed the filming of The Matrix and in his resumption he shared the same recording time as the next hitman movie, so the actor had to keep that cut.

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Warner Bros. knows what it’s like to have a performer on another project and not be able to modify his face, something that happened with Henry Cavill and his remembered computer-erased mustache in Justice League (2017), which ultimately did not turn out well. Of course, Internet users on social networks echoed the trailer, although they paid more attention to that Neo is more like John Wick. These memes stopped!

+ Memes for the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections

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