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There has been much discussion about the sexuality of actor/musician Jared Leto since his performance of trans woman Rayon in the 2013 film Dallas Buyers Club.

Here, we examine Jared Leto’s career and attempt to debunk the sexual accusations that have long dogged him.

In other words, who is this JARED LETO person?

Actor and singer Jared Leto was born in the American city of Bossier City, Louisiana. Because his grandfather was in the Air Force, he and his family traveled a lot when he was a kid. Leto’s interest in the arts can be traced back to his mother, who briefly lived in a hippy commune.

His breakthrough role came in the 1997 biopic Prefontaine, in which he played Olympic long-distance runner Steve Prefontaine. Before that, he had appeared in minor films, including How to Make an American Quilt and Switchback. Along with his brother Shannon, he established the band Thirty Seconds to Mars and acted in successful films such as Girl, Interrupted, Fight Club, and American Psycho.

The Beginnings

Leto’s mom, Constance Leto (née Metrejon), gave birth to him on December 26, 1971, in Bossier City, Louisiana. His mother’s family is from Louisiana. Hence he also has some Cajun DNA.

His stepfather’s last name, Leto, comes from him. After his parents split up when he was young, he and his older brother Shannon moved in with their mother, Ruby (Russell), and William Lee Metrejon, their maternal grandparents. 

When Jared was eight years old, his father committed suicide after remarrying. Leto and his family regularly relocated from their home state of Louisiana to other locations in the United States. According to Leto, “traveling around a lot was a regular way of life” because his “mom’s father was in the Air Force.” Leto’s father remarried, so he also has two younger half-brothers. Constance adopted the hippy lifestyle and inspired her sons to pursue creative endeavors. 

As Leto put it, “grew up in an artistically fertile environment, interacting with many types of creative types, including musicians, painters, actors, and photographers. We lauded the value of the creative process and the freedom to express oneself creatively. We made no effort to limit or stifle its development.” Leto’s first musical instrument was a repurposed piano that he and his brother used to play together when he was very little. 

Leto, who briefly left the exclusive Emerson Preparatory School in Washington, D.C., in the tenth grade, later opted to return and put his academic career on the fast track. He attended the Philadelphia school because he wanted to study monumental artwork.

He decided to pursue filmmaking and transferred to New York City’s prestigious School of Visual Arts. While a student there, he wrote and starred in the short film Crying Joy. He also studied at what is now George Washington University’s Corcoran School of Art and Design. 

Prefontaine and his early acting jobs in the 1992-1998 era

Leto arrived in Los Angeles in 1992 to direct films and play small roles on the side. His first major appearance was as Claire Danes’ love interest, Jordan Catalano, in the ABC adolescent drama My So-Called Life, which aired for only one season despite receiving positive reviews.

The show garnered a cult following despite being canceled after only one season because of its positive portrayal of adolescents. Leto’s first film part was in the 1995 drama How to Make an American Quilt, and that same year he made his television film debut alongside Alicia Silverstone in Cool and the Crazy. After that, he played alongside Christina Ricci in 1996’s The Last of the High Kings and had a supporting role in 1998’s Switchback (1997).

As Olympic candidate Steve Prefontaine, Leto played a role in the 1997 biopic Prefontaine. Leto trained for six weeks and met with the runner’s friends and family to get into character. 

He looked remarkably like the actual Prefontaine and even mimicked the athlete’s voice and stride. Critics praised his performance, and many people consider it his big break.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s Peter Stack remarked, “With captivating blue eyes and filthy blond hair, Leto catches the rock-star appearance Prefontaine wore, and he appears natural in furious performances on the track, as well as off, where Pre affected a brash, aggressive approach.”

Leto played an English aristocrat in the lead part of the 1998 drama Basil, and then he acted in the 2002 horror film Urban Legend. Despite its terrible critical reception, it was a commercial success.

During that same period, Leto appeared in The Thin Red Line as a supporting character opposite Sean Penn and Adrien Brody, directed by Terrence Malick. It was well-received by critics and had some commercial success. It was nominated for several accolades, including seven Academy Awards, and the actors (including Leto) all won a Satellite Award.

A History Of Acting Methods

Leto frequently goes over the top with his method of acting, earning him a reputation for excellence in the field. According to rumors, Leto acquired so much weight for his role as John Lennon’s killer Mark David Chapman in the 2007 film Chapter 27 that he got gout and had to use a wheelchair.

Reports surfaced of Jared Leto, who played the Joker in the 2016 film Suicide Squad, sending his co-star odd presents, including beads, condoms, and a dead rat while filming.

Leto, in preparation for his part as Rayon, shed 30 pounds, waxed his entire body, and shaved his eyebrows. The late director Jean-Marc Vallée remarked of his experience working with Leto on Dallas Buyers Club that he didn’t see “the real Jared” until after filming had concluded.

“The first time I ever spoke to Jared on Skype, he was already dressed up, putting on lipstick, and hitting on me,” recalled Vallée. Later, “he showed up on set in a wig and a frock, and he always talked like a girl, exactly like Rayon.” In the upcoming Marvel/Sony superhero film Morbius (2022), Leto plays Dr. Michael Morbius. Both audiences and critics were disappointed with the film.

Jarred Leto: Gay Or Not?

When Jared Leto made a casual remark about being gay in an interview with America Online in 2006, the suspicions began. He claimed that he was “gay as a goose,” which left the reporter at a loss for words.

To clarify, Leto compared himself to The Smiths’ frontman Morrissey, who similarly avoided answering direct questions about his sexuality. There was a lot of talk about the interview, so Leto’s publicist said, “Jared was kidding.”

However, Leto stated that he was fine with being labeled “gay” in an interview with his brother Shannon for FourTwoNine magazine in 2014. It’s worth noting that interviewer Kevin Sessums encouraged this confession by asking if Leto and his brother mind being labeled “queer” in the same way that Leto’s straight friends “have begun to characterize themselves as queer without it being a sexual term but a cultural one.”

Shannon responded, “I wouldn’t care,” Jared added, “I don’t think we care. In a lot of ways, we find common ground with those who are marginalized.


However, there is no doubt that Jared Leto is, in fact, one of the most gifted actors of our day, despite some criticism of his screenplay selection. There are few more visible advocates for LGBTQ rights in Hollywood than Jared.

Several rumors have circulated over the years concerning the actor’s sexuality. But where do we find the truth? Is there any truth to the rumor that Jared Leto is gay? Continue reading to learn more.

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