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Is Katrina Law Leaving, and Will She Return as Jessica Knight?

Is Katrina Law Leaving, and Will She Return as Jessica Knight?
Credits: CBS

The NCIS Season 21 finale left fans with a cliffhanger regarding Jessica Knight, portrayed by Katrina Law. Introduced as a special agent in Season 18, Knight became a core member of the main NCIS team by Season 19. However, the finale hinted at a potential departure for her character, leaving fans to wonder if she will return for Season 22.

This article explores the speculation surrounding Katrina Law’s return for NCIS Season 22.

No official information confirms Jessica Knight’s exit after NCIS Season 21, but the finale hinted at her departure. According to Mary Sue, Knight’s life takes an unexpected turn when she is offered to replace Mr. Brian Mooney as Chief REACT Training Officer. Director Leon Vance speaks with Mooney just as Knight walks in. He reveals to her that after she refused to step into her father’s position, he took over the role. Now, he wants her to go to Camp Pendleton to take up her new duties.

Upon hearing this offer, she eventually accepts it. Having applied for this role years ago, she couldn’t simply decline it when her dream job was finally within reach. This twist puts Knight’s future in the show into uncertainty as she would no longer be a part of the current NCIS team and would operate from a different locale.

Katrina Law’s return as Jessica Knight in NCIS Season 22 remains uncertain. Fans will have to wait for the next season’s release to find out. In a conversation with TV Line, showrunner Steven D. Binder talked about how the finale sets up the upcoming storyline. He also shared instances of actors leaving the show and then returning, which further indicated some ambiguity about Law’s return.

He explained, “And I will point you to our track record where you just never know. We’ve had people look like they were going away and then it turned out they weren’t, and then we had people who just disappeared, like Gibbs. So I will say this: We do aim to please, and we think the audience will be satisfied with where they see this go.”

Subsequently, in the same interview, Law was asked about her potential return to NCIS Season 22. She retained the air of mystery, stating that fans would need to wait until the next season’s debut to find out.

Fans of NCIS are used to twists and turns, and the potential departure of Jessica Knight adds to the series’ tradition of keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The speculation surrounding Knight’s future will undoubtedly keep fans intrigued until Season 22 hits the screens.

Source: Mary Sue, TV Line