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Is ‘Live’ Ending in Early 2025?

Is On Patrol: Live set to end at the beginning of 2025? The fan-favorite real-life cop series has amassed fans all over. So, why would it end at the height of its success when viewers are sad when the show skips a week or two? Keep reading for more details on the future of the Reelz hit.

When Live PD came to an end in 2020, fans were upset. They loved watching the lives of cops and what they went through. Different cities and various officers had experiences that were fascinating to see. Plus, the interactions with those they arrested tended to be over the top. Fortunately, the series was rebranded to On Patrol: Live, and viewers were happy again. At the same time, some fans felt OPL lacked some of the drama and excitement that Live PD had.

On Patrol: Live-Facebook

On Patrol: Live (Curtis Wilson, Dan Abrams, Tom Rizzo)-Facebook

Still, they tune into Reelz on Fridays and Saturdays to catch their favorite officers and all the drama they can handle. Unfortunately, there is a rumor circulating that the show will be coming to an end in January 2025. It made its way to Reddit where a thread was started with the OP writing this:

  • Apparently the show was going to run until January of next year. Let’s hope it’s not actually true. I hope it gets picked up for more seasons because this show is my favorite part of the weekend.

So, had any other On Patrol: Live fans heard about this or was it new information? More so, were they confident the series would be renewed?

  • REELZ renews (or not) things per-season. Season 3 starts in three days, so there is no basis for the show ending in January.
  • Same! This is something I look forward to each week too! How can it not be picked up! 😣
  • The network they’re on signs all their contracts 1 year at a time. 3rd season starts this week and will run thru to next July and then they will sign another year. Show isn’t going anywhere, it’s their highest rated show

So, based on what fans had to say, On Patrol: Live is very highly rated but it is all dependent on how Reelz works. They renew shows every season and do not apparently do it in bulk. Therefore, once Season 3 is coming to a close, it will likely get renewed for Season 4. In the end, fans need not worry and just enjoy the ride for the time being. Come January 2025, the show will still be running every weekend so get excited.

Were you worried the show would not be back? Moreover, did you know this was how Reelz worked? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: TVshowsace