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Is Moriah Plath's Rocker Boyfriend's New Song About Her?

Is Moriah Plath’s Rocker Boyfriend’s New Song About Her?

Recently, Welcome To Plathville star Moriah Plath has been dropping subtle hints about having a new boyfriend, and fans are keenly piecing together every breadcrumb. The big question making the rounds now is whether Moriah’s rocker boyfriend wrote his latest song about her.

Not long ago, Moriah Plath disclosed some information about her new beau, but she quickly removed the post without sharing many details. While she has been quite vocal about her heartbreaks in the past, she’s now keeping her new relationship under wraps. However, observant fans have noticed a clue suggesting that her new boyfriend, Matthew Craven, has just released new music. The speculation is rife—could his new song be about Moriah?

On Moriah Plath’s Instagram, Matthew Craven tagged her in a post promoting his new song, “Tonight.” He also put the spotlight on another track, “The Beginning.” Described by the European Indie Music Network, Matthew has made a significant entry into the music scene. The description of his work paints a vivid picture: “The Beginning blends rhythmic tones with an uplifting pop-rock vibe, seamlessly weaving together elements of pop and rock into an eclectic sound. The track is marked by its upbeat vocals, infectious energy, and invigorating pace.”

Similar to Moriah, Matthew is also striving to make his mark in the music industry. He has released several songs and is steadily building a following. Interestingly, they seem to be connecting over shared experiences of past breakups, as Matthew has also posted about a breakup song that was very personal to him.

On Reddit, fans of Welcome To Plathville have picked up on clues that they believe identify Matthew Craven as Moriah’s new love interest. One user started a discussion with, “Moriah’s weird new love interest,” and pointed out that Moriah follows one guy on Instagram who is also a budding singer—Matthew Craven. They speculated that he might have written a song about her based on his Instagram activity. However, the reaction to his music in the Reddit thread was less than favorable, drawing comments like:

  • “I can’t bring myself to follow her on social media. Is she still in her ‘rebel’ goth/notgoth phase?”
  • “Yep. It’s worth a look… her new boy is exactly the type I expected her to like. He’s odd and his music lowkey sucks.”
  • “Those filters and his music give me secondhand embarrassment!!”
  • “Oof. Very off-putting. I see what you’re saying.”
  • “Omg it’s so bad…”

Some fans have also raised concerns about possible controlling behaviors by Matthew, similar to what Moriah experienced with her previous boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt. Max was known to be critical of Moriah’s fashion choices, often attempting to control what she wore. Now, it seems similar behavior might be surfacing with Matthew.

  • “Had to go take a look, but yea she only follows one, a dude with sh*tty music who uses beauty filters on every video and photo (that are only of himself) probably just looking to her as a ticket to fame, and lords know she won’t see it.”
  • “Lmao I mean him and Moriah are a perfect match in that category.”

Fans are also picking up on the fact that both Moriah and Matthew only follow each other on social media, speculating that this could signify an unhealthy relationship. Comments from concerned fans include:

  • “They both only follow each other and no one else!? How long have they been dating? This can’t be a healthy relationship, ain’t no way. That is such a strange thing to do, makes me think one is controlling the other or they are about to start a cult.”
  • “I have no idea. It’s all speculation on my end but watch… I’m sure it’ll be mentioned on the show or on her Instagram in the months to come.”

There are also sentiments that Matthew may be leveraging Moriah’s fame to boost his own career, with fans saying:

  • “No doubt he’s using her for clout for his awful music…”
  • “I suspect he buys followers too. He has over 80k but each post only gets like 10-15 likes.”
  • “Ugh. 🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩🚩.”

What do you think? Is Matthew Craven Moriah Plath’s new boyfriend, and did he write his new song about her? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Source: TV Shows Ace