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Is Parvati Shallow Set to Enter the Ballroom?

Is Parvati Shallow Set to Enter the Ballroom?

After competing fiercely on four seasons of Survivor and winning the $1 million prize in Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites, Parvati Shallow might be ready to conquer the ballroom floor. The Survivor alum, who recently appeared on The Traitors, is rumored to join the cast of Dancing With the Stars Season 33. This potential participation follows some detective work by fans who believe Shallow aims to claim the Mirrorball Trophy.

Rumors began circulating months ago when social media user Lauren-Ashley Beck detected some hints Shallow may have dropped. These clues suggested her possible involvement in the popular ABC dancing competition, set to return to screens this fall. The first hint emerged in February during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, where Shallow mentioned wanting to take on a performance-based challenge like Dancing With the Stars.

This remark followed DWTS’s December like of a TikTok video featuring Parvati, which had been posted in March. Last month, the speculation was further fueled when a fan commented on Shallow’s June 7 Instagram post with, “PLEASE go on Dancing with the Stars!!!” Shallow’s response was a simple and suggestive, “you got it.”

In a conversation with at Peacock’s The Traitors Castle Garden at The Grove in Los Angeles, Shallow addressed the speculations. She expressed her readiness to participate in Dancing With the Stars. She humorously noted her connection with Deena Katz, talent executive on both The Traitors and DWTS, by saying, “Come on! Get me on! I haven’t heard a word. Somebody call Deena.”

Shallow has an extensive history in reality TV. She first competed in Survivor: Cook Islands in 2006, finishing in 6th place. In 2008, she triumphed in Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites. She also was the runner-up in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains in 2010 and participated in the show’s 40th season, Survivor: Winners at War, in 2020.

Most recently, Shallow appeared on The Traitors Season 2, where she connected with Deena Katz. Katz’s role as a key figure on DWTS strengthened the belief among fans that Shallow could join the dance show’s cast. Despite the strong fan interest and the potential connections, as of now, Shallow’s participation in Dancing With the Stars Season 33 remains unconfirmed.

Fans seem thrilled by the possibility. On a Reddit thread discussing Shallow’s potential participation, one user commented, “I think she’d be great and may bring over Survivor fans who don’t currently watch…. It’d be great to get another reality show franchise represented on here. Maybe Survivor would repay the favor and start cross-casting from the Bachelor franchise.”

While nothing is confirmed yet, the buzz around Parvati Shallow’s potential journey on Dancing With the Stars continues to build. Her dedicated fanbase and reality TV prowess could certainly bring a new dynamic to the long-running dance competition.

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