Is Robert Downey Jr back ?: This would have to happen for him to appear in “Spiderman: no way home”

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Iron Man’s death in Avengers: endgame (2019) was one of the hardest blows for Marvel fans. The character, played by Robert Downey Jr, earned as the years went by, a place in the heart of every fan of the franchise. Fearless, sarcastic, effective and very intelligent are some of the characteristics that made this avenger one of the best.

That is why the final dismissal of Robert Downey Jr after years of a brilliant performance in the MCU he was heavily criticized by fans. So much so that, more than once it was speculated, as with Chris Evans, that Kevin Feige could bring him back at least for a cameo. While his death was very significant there are thousands of ways to make him reappear.

Marvel is famous for its forays into the multiverses and, therefore, in Tom Holland’s next film, Spiderman: no way home, they could not miss. It is for this same reason that, after the premiere of the trailer, the possibilities of a participation of Downey Jr in the film that will be released on December 17 worldwide in all theaters were reopened.

On Captain America: civil war It was precisely Iron Man who gave rise to the entry of Holland’s Peter Parker by going to look for him to fight with him and, from there, he became his mentor. Likewise, Robert and Tom struck up a unique friendship and the young Briton confessed that he sees the legendary actor as an idol and a mentor in life as well.

It should be noted that, given this and such fun chemistry between the two, Downey Jr participated in the first movie of the new Spider-Man. So now, fans have noticed that like Stan Lee, he will be one of the great absentees in Peter’s life. On Far From Home, which occurs after the events of Endgame, the super arachnid talks about how much he misses him, but now he could return!

Robert Downey Jr y Tom Holland en Homecoming. Photo Credits: (IMDB)

There are two theories that could make this possible in Spiderman: no way home. Discarded the trip to the past, when the multiverse opens thanks to Dr. Strange, Parker could meet another Iron Man, who would also be played by Robert Downey Jr, to help him fight against the villains that appear in his world.. And, on the other hand, another slightly simpler rumor indicates that the actor could appear in the form of a cameo in the memories of the youngest Marvel hero since he left him as heir to many of his belongings.

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