Is Selena Gomez engaged? Viral Video Sparks Rumors

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was a Disney girl long before she rose to fame as a pop sensation. The actress played the role of Alex Russo in Wizards Of Waverly Place and was adored for her performance. David Henrie, Jake T Austin, and David DeLuise, among others, also participated in the series. But how can we forget best friend Jennifer Stone aka Harper? Discover below the details of their recent reunion!

As most people know, Selena has completely changed since her lupus was diagnosed. In her early days, she was often seen making appearances at every event, and her friendship with Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, and others were well known. But with maturity, she kept her close circle and was even absent from social media for 4 long years.

But fans of Wizards Of Waverly Place will feast, as Selena Gomez and Jennifer Stone have recreated the famous “Crazy Hat” sequence. Singer Baila Conmigo shared a video of it and captioned it “We had to… ».

It looked like the best friends in the world were spending the night at home, holding drinks in their hands while dancing to their classic sequence. Jennifer Stone opted for a casual look by wearing a black t-shirt that she complemented with blue jeans. Selena Gomez, meanwhile, opted for a comfortable and oversized set of clothes. But what fans couldn’t help but notice was the ring on their engagement finger. Speculation soon spread and fans wondered if she was hinting at an engagement!

As most people know, Selena Gomez has been suspected of dating Chris Evans, but there is no evidence about that. Previously, she was with Justin Bieber in an intermittent relationship since 2010. The duo finally broke up in 2018, after which the Peaches singer married Hailey Baldwin.

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