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Is Song Joong-Ki's Wife Katie Louise Saunders Pregnant? Baby News Explained

Is Song Joong-Ki’s Wife Katie Louise Saunders Pregnant? Baby News Explained
Vincenzo actor Song Joong-Ki (Photo Credit: Netflix)

Song Joong-Ki and Katie Louise Saunders are set to become parents for the second time. The South Korean actor’s agency confirmed the joyful news on Monday, July 8, 2024. Song Joong-Ki and Katie, a British actress, welcomed their first child in June 2023.

The Vincenzo star and Katie initially met in 2021 and got married in January 2023. At the time of their wedding, he stated, “I have pledged to spend the rest of my life with Katie Louise Saunders, who has supported me, cherished me, and spent precious time with me. We will look in the same direction as we are now and walk beautifully together in the future.” Just a few months later, they became parents to a baby boy.

Song Joong-Ki’s agency, HighZium Studio, told Sports Chosun, “Actor Song Joong-Ki will become a father of two.” He and Katie Louise Saunders are expecting their second child this year. The agency added, “Song Joong-Ki and his wife are pregnant with their second child. It is difficult to confirm the timing of birth or the gender of the child as these are personal matters.”

On the career front, the 39-year-old British actress Katie Louise Saunders is recognized for her work in The Borgia, Third Person, The Lizzie McGuire Movie, and Welcome Home. Meanwhile, Joong-Ki is one of the most renowned K-drama stars in the South Korean entertainment industry. He has starred in several popular dramas, including Descendants of the Sun, Vincenzo, Reborn Rich, and all three parts of Arthdal Chronicles.

This year, Song Joong-Ki impressed viewers with his role in the recent movie My Name is Loh Kiwan. He also appeared in Bogota: City of the Lost and made a guest appearance in the popular K-drama Queen of Tears this year. His upcoming projects include several other dramas, including My Youth and Romantic Anonymous.

Source: Sports Chosun