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Is the ‘Kardashian Curse’ Real or is it Another Publicity Stunt?

In the midst of the mysterious debacle of Devin Booker during the NBA Playoffs between the Mavericks and the Suns, the rumors of the ‘Kardashian curse‘ have regained strength. If you were wondering what that is, we have covered all the details about it and we will reveal the stories about this supposed curse in their different presentations.

Kendall Jenner is said to have just broken up with Devin Booker, and there is a general feeling that the Phoenix Suns star did not perform because of this breakup.

But these rumors of the ‘curse of the Kardashians’ have been around for decades. They go back to the times when the mother of these five famous sisters and a brother, Kris Jenner, was married to Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, who years later transitioned to become Kaitlyn Jenner.

Possible victims of the Kardashian/Jenner curse

This supposed curse consists of people who relate to someone in this family of a mother, five sisters, and a brother running terrible fates or very bad luck in a wide variety of situations.

The list is quite extensive so we will only mention the people who have somehow been affected by this supposed curse after forming a bond with one of the sisters or their mother.

So far, those affected are Bruce Jenner, Reggie Bush, Scott Disick, Tristan Thompson, Lamar Odom, Kris Humphries, Ben Simmons, Blac Chyna, Tyga, Travis Scott, and Kanye West. Kim Kardashian is currently dating comedian Pete Davidson and we hope he comes out of that relationship well.

But jokes aside, believing in curses isn’t ideal for this whole strain of repeating patterns. Most likely, this curse is not real, but the Kardashian/Jenner family is quite dysfunctional and handles unusual levels of toxicity.

It is almost obvious that anyone who approaches them will inevitably burn out in one way or another. Leading that hectic celebrity lifestyle will bring out the best in anyone, but not everyone can stand it.

This whole curse narrative should be seen as nothing more than a joke. Speaking of jokes, comedian Joe Rogan has an excellent part at the end of a Netflix special he pulled out. It makes it seem like all the Kardashians and Jenners are energy-sucking demons. Although maybe that family doesn’t like to hear this in their world.

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