Is the live-action of Rick and Morty coming? The video that excited the fans

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Rick and Morty it became one of the animated comedies of the moment. With only five seasons in almost a decade of life, the fiction they created Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland prepares for the end of its current installment. However, in the last hours a video began to circulate on the networks and overshadowed the season finale of the series.

The series has more than 50 episodes. (IMDb)

The social networks of Adult Swim, signal in which the episodes of Rick and Morty (which can also be seen by HBO Max), shared a video by way of teaser. Without much information about it, the images of just 15 seconds in length anticipated what could be a live-action show that has fans completely disconcerted. The posting exceeded one and a half million reproductions.

Is that, the video is starring Christopher Lloyd, the actor who gave life to Doc Brown, character of Return to the future that inspired Rick Sanchez. In what was defined as the universe C-132, Lloyd appeared from a portal accompanied by the actor who could play Morty. Is about Jaeden martell, the boy who starred in movies like It and The Book of Jacob. In this context, the explanation may also be that the end of the fifth season has some moment live-action.

Christopher Lloyd had already expressed his desire to be part of Rick and Morty. During an interview with Phoenix New Times, he assured: “I don’t follow closely, but I did watch some episodes and I have to tell you that I think it’s a lot of fun. I know it’s some kind of parody of the Doc and Marty. In addition, when asked about the possibility of participating in the series, he said that “of course” and remarked his feeling that it was a series “very funny”.

The chances of seeing Back to the Future 4

Some fans have long been excited about the possibility that Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd come together again to give a quarter to the trilogy of Return to the future. The last film was released more than 30 years ago but everything indicates that it will be difficult for it to happen. Especially after the scriptwriter’s sayings Bob Gale, who talked about this production with The Collider Podcast.

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“We told a whole story with the trilogy. If we went back and did another one, we would have Michael J. Fox, who will turn 60 next year and has Parkinson’s disease. Do we want to see Marty McFly at sixty years with that disease? We don’t want to see Return to the future without him”, he assured, while pointing out that it was impossible for him to be replaced without being questioned. “We’ve seen this repeatedly with sequels coming back to the well after many, many years, and they say ‘Oh well my life would have been better if I didn’t see Star Wars: The Phantom Menace‘. We don’t want to be those guys who make a film with the sole intention of getting money “, he stressed.

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