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Is The Ms. Pat Show Season 5 Release Date Confirmed?
Credits: BET+

As the popular series The Ms. Pat Show wraps up its fourth season, fans are eager to know if Season 5 is in the works and its possible release date. The Ms. Pat Show is a 2021 comedy series that has captured the hearts of many. The incredible Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams steals the scene with her many shenanigans.

Here’s all we know about The Ms. Pat Show Season 5 release date and whether it’s coming out.

The Ms. Pat Show Season 5 does not have an official release date, but it will likely be announced in the future.

There is currently no official news about The Ms. Pat Show Season 5 and whether it will be happening. The showrunners have yet to greenlight Season 5, but since it has not been canceled yet, there is hope that the show might return for another season in the future. Besides, it is a critically acclaimed show that has spanned over four seasons. As such, it is highly probable that Season 5 will be in the works soon.

The show is based on the real-life story of renowned comedian Patricia “Ms. Pat” Williams. She is a convicted felon from Atlanta who later became a suburban mother. It features Williams as Ms. Pat Carson and her fictionalized family living in Plainfield, Indiana. Each episode showcases the daily antics that the Carsons get up to and Ms. Pat’s way of learning how to cope with the changing times.

The Ms. Pat Show Season 5 could come out on BET Plus.

If the showrunners of The Ms. Pat Show decide to renew it for a fifth season soon, it will most likely air on BET Plus. This is because the streaming platform hosts all its previous seasons and episodes.