Is the Pfizer vaccine less effective against the Indian variant?

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A recent investigation carried out by scientists from the National Institute for Medical Research and the Francis Crick Institute in England, found that the Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine is not as effective against the Indian and African strain. They were also able to verify that the amount of antibodies decreases with time and age.

Low immunity with a single dose

According to the results of the study, the efficacy of the vaccine is up to five times less than its efficacy against the original strain. To reach these conclusions, scientists evaluated samples from 250 people (completely healthy), which were vaccinated with Pfizer and put to the test to see how their bodies were able to neutralize other strains, in this case, India.

They also highlight that a single dose is not enough to create enough antibodies, especially for the Indian strain. For the British strain, on the other hand, the reaction is much more positive.

According to the above, with a single dose, the antibody levels of those vaccinated increase enough to neutralize the original strain or virus. In fact, 79% of those vaccinated develop a good level of antibodies; however, they are not sufficient for other strains of the virus.

The previous percentage is reduced to 50% compared to the British strain. 32% against the Indian strain and 25% against the African strain. Hence the need to apply the corresponding reinforcements and consider increasing the doses in vulnerable cases.

Another element that they were also able to verify is that antibody levels decrease with age. However, no change was observed with respect to characteristics such as sex or body mass index.Covid vaccine

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Booster vaccine

What is the solution? The team of scientists states that a good solution is to apply a third booster dose in the fall, with special emphasis on the most vulnerable groups, such as the elderly. In this way, the development of antibodies will be considerably higher and they are more likely to have the ability to neutralize different strains. The goal is to prevent as few people as possible ending up in the emergency room due to complications from the virus.

Getting vaccinated under the current scheme is key to reducing the chances of suffering from the virus and, if you do have it, reducing the chances of complications. However, additional boosters might be essential to more effectively neutralize a greater variety of strains. What do you think of vaccines against the coronavirus? Do you agree to apply booster doses?

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