Is there a chance Richard E. Grant will return as Classic Loki to the MCU?

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The previous entry in the series Loki, por Disney+, showed different variants of the character, among which stood out the Classic Loki, interpreted by Richard E. Grant. In the past the character managed to fool Thanos and in that way prevent the Mad Titan assassinate him to live a long life, where he gained greater wisdom and understanding of his powers and nature. Classic Loki made of “temporary void” your new home …

Episode 5 of the series God of Deception ends with an impressive sequence in which Classic Loki try to fool the living storm, Alioth, with a gigantic illusion of everything Asgard. The monster ended up devouring the heroic Loki who saved the variant that we all know and his female version, Sylvie. Glorious purpose!

Richard E. Grant wants to continue playing Classic Loki

“Anything is possible. I think that’s because his sacrifice is so great and he goes so hard. How would I get over that if I had to go back? I have no idea. You know, it’s not within my purview to do that. I wouldn’t say no, if they asked me to. Let’s say it like this “The actor confessed about a possible return as the character.

The interpreter was encouraged to imagine the possibility of participating in a spin-off with another very special protagonist from the previous episode: “Alligator Loki It was great, because it was actually three stuffed sofa cushions that had been roughly sewn to react to it. The fact that I was the only person who could understand what he was saying was fantastic. I think it’s the perfect transition to have the Classic Loki and to Alligator into a spin-off “.

Speaking with Collider, the interpreter confessed that Tom Hiddleston advised you in advance that Classic loki it would be a hit with the fans. At the time, Grant thought Hiddleston was just being nice, but then he saw the reactions in Instagram y Twitter and was convinced: “He saw in the crystal ball in a way that I did not see. Tom was right and I was cheerfully corrected.”

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