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American reality TV star Todd Chrisley Knows Best made him a household name. Their Christian faith, large family, and opulent lifestyle have made him and his family famous. However, for years, speculation has persisted that he is gay. Is Todd Chrisley, then, gay?

Tax evasion, bank fraud, conspiracy, and wire fraud were among the charges against Todd and his wife Julie by a grand jury this year. The trial for the offenses above and obstruction of justice occurred in June 2022, and both defendants were found guilty. Todd and Julie were found guilty of conspiring to defraud banks and received sentences of 12 and 7 years in federal prison, respectively, on November 22, 2022.

Overview of the Profile

Chrisley, Michael Todd, Male, Age 53 as of today, April 6, 1969 (as of 2022). In astrology, Aries is the first sign. Originating from the American state of Georgia. The current location of the resident is in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.

Nationality Race in the United States Rites of the White Race Christianity Sexuality Straight Height in feet 5’11” Height in centimeters 179 Weight in pounds 172 Metric system of weight measurement 78 Blonde hair and blue eyes Gene and Faye, the Parents Raymond Siblings 2 Brothers Derrick, Randy Status: married, with the lovely Julie, and five kids; occupation: Reality TV celebrity, businessman, real estate mogul, social media figure $1,5 million in liquid assets Instagram @toddchrisley Twitter @toddchrisley Facebook Todd Chrisley


Todd is a successful businessman and property magnate. Before becoming a media celebrity, he was a real estate investor. Fannie Mae, the Federal National Mortgage Association, employed him. Houses on the edge of destruction were within the scope of his contract, allowing him to profit by reselling them.

He launched his real estate company, Chrisley & Company, which made asset management, retail, media, and entertainment ventures. Unfortunately, its subsidiary, Chrisley Asset Management, was heavily damaged by the housing market collapse in 2008. 

The show followed the entire family, including Todd’s mom, and chronicled their extravagant antics and lifestyle. The businessman and his family have raked in cash through public appearances, sponsorship deals, and commercials since he became a reality TV star. What is known about Chris Potoski, the husband of Brandi Love? Read his biography. Chrisley Knows Best has been canceled after Todd and Julie’s conviction and subsequent federal jail sentence. The Savannah and Chase Chrisley spinoff Growing Up Chrisley and Love Limo are reportedly canceled.

Is Todd Chrisley gay?

To this day, Todd denies being gay despite the widespread speculation to the contrary. He is a father of five, the product of two marriages. Addressing the rumors about his sexuality, Todd declared there would be no coming out of the closet. He remarked that he has no problem with LGBT individuals.

The reality star admitted that he saw why his fans assumed he was gay due to his outgoing demeanor and penchant for flashy clothing. He went on to say that he appreciated the compliments from both sexes.

Todd Chrisley Speaks Out Against Former Business Partner Who Spread Gay Affair Allegations

Todd Chrisley and his family find themselves in a new and somewhat uncertain chapter of their lives due to recent legal issues the heads of the family are having. In June, Chrisley and his wife, Julie, were found guilty on charges of tax evasion, bank fraud, and more. 

However, while they wait for their punishment, the Chrisley Knows Best parents have been frank about a few details. Recently, Todd has spoken out against his former business partner for spreading lies about a rumored homosexual liaison between them. And the reality TV personality did not mince words on the topic.

Mark Braddock, Todd Chrisley’s former business colleague who reported him and Julie to the FBI, testified about an alleged gay affair at the couple’s trial earlier this summer. According to Braddock, he was sacked by the Chrisleys in 2012 after being good friends with them since their alleged one-year affair in the 2000s. In addition, Braddock stated that he and Chrisley paid $38,000 to a blackmailer who threatened to reveal the alleged affair.

Mark Braddock, however, also stated on the evidence that he was seeking retribution against Todd and Julie Chrisley for firing him. On his podcast, Chrisley Confessions, Todd Chrisley cited such data to support his claim that the “truth” would ultimately triumph. Chrisley highlighted Braddock’s testimony while citing questions that his counsel asked his former colleague. Chrisley then questioned Mark Braddock’s character by bringing up the allegation of an extramarital affair he had with a man who is not his

While Todd Chrisley maintained that he and his wife were never “hurt” by the reports, it’s evident that he took significant issues with them. And yet, Chrisley added, “I’ve learned to pray for people that have been misleading.” He went on to express his hope that he and Julie’s “truth” will come to light:

Todd Chrisley said he has been “struggling” despite his positive outlook. Even more recently, he was open about his disagreements with others who claim to understand his legal status. Chrisley has also shown self-awareness by discussing his past as a “slave” to money.

Despite claims that the family is still struggling to accept the guilty decision, he and Julie Chrisley appear to have the support of their children. The Chrisleys’ sentencing has been set for November 21, and they could get sentences of up to 30 years in jail. As of right now, it remains to be seen as to whether the supposed “truth” involving Mark Braddock’s affair charges and more will reach the surface.


Chrisley Knows Best actor, who has had his sexuality called into question on more than one occasion, is firm in his assertion that he is straight. That being said, he surely doesn’t mind the uncertainty.

Non-Wednesday’s episode of The Domenick Nati Show, Chrisley remarked, “In order for it to disappoint me, it would mean that I don’t agree with someone being gay.” I don’t think you have a say in that. I think God created you the way you are.

The married father of five, 47, claimed he and his wife find it gratifying that people think he’s a closeted gay man since it means more people find him beautiful.

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