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Is Tony Hawk on His Way Out? At 53, He Breaks His Femur

Sad news for the skate world. One of his greatest legends in all of history, Tony Hawk, announced on his social networks the fracture he suffered last Monday in the femur. It is a very serious injury that could end the sports career of the American at 53 years of age . Hawk has always wanted to continue his passion, which is skating. But this unfortunate accident could be a before and after for the great skateboarding star, since the first studies of his situation suggest that it is very difficult for him to return to 100% .

In a post on his official Instagram account, he wanted to confirm that his goal is clear: to get back aboard . However, she is aware of the difficulties and the hard work of recovery that she has ahead of her in the coming months. “Yesterday was a horrible day, ” Hawk confessed. “I broke my elbow 20 years ago and have made a full recovery, this femur fracture recovery will be much more difficult due to its severity and my age. But I am up for the challenge,” he said.

At the moment the exact causes of the accident are unknown, but it occurred precisely while he was skating. In addition, the mishap occurred just a few hours before the HBO documentary Until The Wheels Fall Off was released, which tells the story of the ‘skater’ himself and why he lengthens his career so much. Tony Hawk has wanted to send a reassuring message to all his followers, ensuring that he will fight to the fullest to continue skating until, literally, “he can’t anymore”. He has also confessed that it is the biggest obstacle he has ever had to overcome, but he is confident that he will achieve it .

It should be noted that the one known as ‘bird man’ has already managed to recover from other very serious injuries such as broken ribs, loss of teeth and concussions, among others. ” I’ll be back…maybe not at full capacity , but I gave up on that notion years ago as I approached middle age,” Hawk noted. His track record is enviable, he has won 16 medals at the ‘X Games’ and was the first to achieve one of the most difficult tricks, the ‘900’ . His retirement as a professional skater occurred in 2003 but he has continued throughout this time getting on a board and enjoying the sport he loves.

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