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Is Warcraft 2 with Henry Cavill Happening? The Truth About those Fake Trailers

Is Warcraft 2 with Henry Cavill Happening? The Truth About those Fake Trailers

When “Warcraft” first hit theaters, it struggled to find success domestically, earning just $50 million in the United States on a reported budget of $160 million. However, the film found a substantial audience in international markets, amassing $391 million, predominantly from China. Despite these significant receipts, the overall financial performance left much to be desired. In light of this, director Duncan Jones took to X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to announce that a “Warcraft” sequel was unlikely. Since then, there have been whispers that Blizzard and Legendary may be considering another attempt at adapting the franchise, whether as a sequel or a reboot, but nothing has been confirmed.

Regarding Henry Cavill’s involvement, no official announcements or suggestions have been made. However, Cavill, a British actor, would be an excellent choice for any future projects within the franchise. Interestingly, Cavill once missed his first Superman casting call because he was deeply engrossed in playing the “Warcraft” video game. Stepping into the “Warcraft” film franchise would be fitting for the actor, given his well-documented love and respect for video games. That being said, following his exit from Netflix’s “The Witcher,” Cavill seems to have his sights set on a different kind of project.

In 2022, reports emerged that Cavill had signed on with Amazon Prime for an adaptation of “Warhammer 40,000,” another franchise cherished by the “Argylle” star. Although plot and production details are still under wraps, Cavill is expected to both star in and executive produce this series based on the popular tabletop miniature game. He has previously described a “Warhammer” adaptation as his dream project, so it makes sense that this would be his primary focus at the moment.

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