Isa beats Jacky: is she the most hated on Acapulco Shore 8?

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There is only one more chapter left for season 8 of Acapulco Shore I finished. And, yes, the conflicts, the controversies and the parties still continue. In episode 14, Jacky Y Do they surprised the shores returning to the mansion by the hand of a very special guest and they left everyone with their mouths open.

However, while some welcomed them with open arms, others did not even want to cross their faces. Nacha e Isa They were the ones who could not make the passes even remotely with them and were in evidence in front of the followers of the program. Is it possible that Isa has become the most hated on the show? MTV Y Paramount+?

Isa against Jacky: the conflict continues in Acapulco Shore 8

Throughout Season 8 of Acapulco Shore, Jacky stood out for being the most conflictive in reality. It is that he had discussions with several of those present in the mansion, including Nacha, Isa, Alba and even with the matrioshka Karime. The truth is that although after all this, he tried to enter into peace with his companions, then he returned to fight very hard with Jaylin.

That fact ended in the Chapter 13 with her and Fer outside the Acapulco mansion. However, in the episode 14 they came back and with everything. Of course, this did not please Nacha at all, but especially Isa. In fact, at the last party of the shores, Jacky began to talk about what she had liked about this vacation and Isa decided to leave the place so as not to listen to her.

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The fans took Jacky’s return well, but not the “unjustified” anger of Isa, just one chapter before the end of this installment and they maintain that he does it only to have prominence. “Isa is being spicy. She just wants to attract attention”, “Isa go to sleep”, “Let’s go team Jacky”, are some of the statements of the followers in the social networks of the show.

When to watch the final episode of Acapulco Shore 8 on MTV

The final episode of Acapulco Shore 8 you can see the next Tuesday, August 3 on the screen of MTV Latinoamérica at 10 p.m. and also simultaneously on the Paramount + platform, where all seasons are available.

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