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Isabel Acevedo on her sentimental situation: “It is time to give the opportunity” | VIDEO – MAG.

In the recent gala of “Queens of the Show”, Isabel acevedo He surprised Gisela Valcárcel and the other members of the program by revealing that he decided to open the doors of his heart and give himself a new opportunity in love.

“Isabel tell me that you are liking someone, it’s true”, Gisela Valcárcel questioned the dancer.

Isabel confessed that she has been single for two years and that there is nothing that prevents her from giving herself a new opportunity.

“I’m getting to know myself, I’m indulging myself, the time because I’ve been single for about two years, I’m enjoying myself. I think it is time to give the opportunity why not “, the participant replied.

In addition, the dancer revealed that the person she is meeting lives in the United States. “Yes pretty. He lives in the United States, I’m just meeting him, I’m not with him, I want them to make me happy too ”, added.

“I love it, you know why he likes the stage, I think everyone, of meeting him, those little butterflies again (…) that can be infatuation”, the television host said.

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