Isabel Gemio Overcomes Challenging Family Moment: Son’s Month-Long Hospitalization

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Isabel Gemio Overcomes Difficult Moment as Son Battles Illness

In addition to being one of the most important presenters in the history of our television, Isabel Gemio is a woman dedicated to her family who always shows admirable tenacity and courage for the personal situation that she has had to live.

The 62-year-old journalist from Badajoz has just overcome a difficult moment after her eldest son, who suffers from a rare disease, was admitted to the hospital for almost a month. Isabel Gemio, with her children and surrounded by many familiar faces on her big night solidarity.

After the Storm, Comes Calm

After the storm, calm comes. Although we never come out the same after each storm, I feel lucky and stronger, the communicator confessed this Friday from her retreat on the coast, where she is recharging her batteries after the ordeal.

Walking along the seashore and even shyly wetting her legs, the one who was the host of mythical formats such as Surprise, Surprise or What you need is love, wanted first of all to say “immense thanks for your loving messages in recent days.”

Valuing Normality and Rest

The radio presenter explains that “through this window, I like to leave you only pleasant things, but those of you who have someone close to you who is sick know that not every day is blue and sunny Those that we do not show. For this reason, we value so much when normality is recovered and we can rest. Hopefully those of you who are in similar circumstances can also do it.”

Gustavo, her 26-year-old eldest son, suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy (known by its acronym DMD) that causes physical weakness throughout the body, forces him to use a wheelchair and still has no treatment. “I know of people who cannot stop taking care of their son, their mother… For this reason, it is so important that dependent people have a personal assistant. It is inhuman that all responsibility falls on the family environment,” laments Isabel.

“By the way, I don’t hear any politician talking about it, not even while on the electoral campaign. Nor that they are going to lower the waiting lists of those who have requested aid from the dependency law,” the journalist concludes with this petition for our rulers, but not before sending a big hug to all his followers on his public profile.

Isabel Gemio’s Return to Television and Advocacy for Medical Research

The presenter reappeared this week before the cameras during her visit to the channel where she has had so many successes, Antena 3, being interviewed on the set of the Sonsoles Ónega program.

There, she recognized that in her house “we have gone through a difficult stage” after her son was “hospitalized for twenty days.” Fortunately, “we had wonderful news” when they released him and now they breathe easier.

Isabel Gemio vindicated what she has been doing for many years and it is nothing other than the need to bet more on medical research: “Let’s stop nonsense. It is proven that science saves lives,” he said emphatically.

The presenter is the mother of Gustavo and Diego, the result of the relationship she had with the Cuban sculptor and painter Nilo Manrique, and it is clear once again that her offspring are her raison d’être.

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