Isabel Pantoja: Mother of the Spanish singer died at the age of 90

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The mother of the Spanish singer Isabel Pantoja, Ana Martín, died this Wednesday at the age of 90 after having been recently admitted to a hospital in the town of Puerto Real, in the province of Cádiz (southern Spain).

It was his grandson, Kiko Rivera, son of the tonadillera and bullfighter Francisco Rivera “Paquirri”, who confirmed the news on social networks.

“Today you have left and with you part of my life has gone”, points out on his Instagram the son of Isabel Pantoja, who is in La Graciosa (Canary Islands), where his cousin Anabel Pantoja had planned to get married in a few days, although the wedding has finally been canceled.

The family has instructed the funeral home where the cremation is planned to information about the farewell of “doña Ana” is not disseminated, as it was popularly known, according to sources from the mortuary installation told EFE.

Ana Martín was recently admitted to the Puerto Real hospital, town near the region where the “La Cantora” farm is located, where Isabel Pantoja lives for long periods and where her mother died today.

Doña Ana was also an artist like her daughter, a dancer in several companies and she married flamenco singer and lyricist Juan Pantoja, father of her four children, Juan, Bernardo, Isabel and Agustín.

He always accompanied his daughter in her artistic career although she remained in the background, And for years she was caring for her children in “La Cantora”, especially as a result of suffering a stroke in 2019.

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