Isabel Preysler and Carolina Herrera: A Vibrant Friendship at Studio 54

The Countdown Begins

The countdown has begun. There are five exact days left for Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva to seal their love before the altar in a ceremony that will take place in El Rincón before their loved ones.

A Dress by Wes Gordon

An unforgettable date in which we will see the Marquise de Griñón dressed in a design by Wes Gordon, creative director of Carolina Herrera, who has produced the suit in record time. One of the reasons that led the bride to trust the talent of the renowned American is the close friendship between her mother, Isabel Preysler, and the Venezuelan businesswoman who founded her own fashion house at the beginning of the 1990s.

A Bond Between Mothers

These are Wes Gordon’s wedding dresses that could have inspired Tamara Falcó. The name Carolina Herrera was always present in Tamara Falcó’s mind, who even before choosing Sophie et Voilà for the design of her dress, she had recognized that the bridal bets of the empire that her mother’s great friend founded are her favorites.

An Extraordinary Bond

The eight years of age that separate María Carolina Josefina Pacanins Niño, her real name, and Isabel Preysler did not prevent them from enjoying funny anecdotes and episodes that to this day they remember with nostalgia and affection. It was during the documentary La Marquesa when the winner of the fourth edition of MasterChef Celebrity revealed some unknown details to date of the extraordinary bond that unites both women, who have carried sophistication and exquisite taste by flag, since their youth.

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A Memorable Event

As can be seen in the second episode of the reality show, Tamara and Isabel headed to the Big Apple for New York Fashion Week, an unmissable event in which the chef attended the front row of the Carolina Herrera show. It was during that event, in which the future bride had the privilege of sitting between Carolina Herrera and Carolina Adriana Herrera, when the veteran and famous dressmaker gave her a lipstick from her collection and spoke to her with absolute tenderness and emotion about their beautiful friendship with Preysler.

The Surprising Studio 54

“We had fun like crazy and we danced until five in the morning,” Carolina acknowledged Tamara with a huge smile when she told her that “my mother told me that she went to Studio 54 with you.” Tamara, who knew that his mother and the businesswoman shared much more than an adoration for fashion, a stylistic nose and tune, then showed his surprise, since he was not able to visualize them in that setting, a popular nightclub in New York from the seventies that was frequented by celebrities on the international scene.

An Unthinkable Experience

“I can’t imagine them going to Studio 54 together, and they went, but it makes me laugh because, of course, I see them so elegant and so dressed up and ‘we went all the time,’ Carolina said. I haven’t experienced it, but I did. What I think of Studio 54 is ‘what a crazy thing’, right? And they had a great time”, he acknowledged. A reflection that he later shared with Íñigo, to whom he told that “we have talked about Studio 54, I found it very funny… She went to Studio 54 with my mother and, of course, now you see my mother and her, just like that elegant, I can’t imagine them giving their all there”.

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A Stylistic Connection

The devotion that has existed between Isabel Preysler and Carolina Herrera for decades is such that the former marquise consort of Torre Casa did not hesitate to throw herself in when Tamara needed a new stylistic option for her wedding. Proof of this is that in just over fifty days, Wes Gordon, whom she met on that trip to the city of skyscrapers, has created a spectacular piece for the most important day of his life.

A Dream Come True

“All the references are very elegant, it’s very Carolina. Everything you do is like a dream,” he told her on that occasion, not knowing that he would be the signatory of the most important dress that he will wear, which will be signed by “a brand that is synonymous of elegance” in the words of the protagonist.

Tamara Falcó’s Wedding

We spoke with Nuria Roca about Tamara Falcó’s wedding, of which her “willingness to enjoy and face difficulties” stands out.

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