Isabela Madrigal- A Fictional Character In Disney’s 2021 Animated Picture Encanto

Isabela Madrigal

Upon its release on Disney+ in 2021, the animated feature film Encanto, which stars Isabela Madrigal, quickly became a sensation online because of its beautiful score and endearing plot.

She is Agustin and Julieta Madrigal’s first child, making her Luisa and Mirabel’s elder sister. The golden member of the Madrigal family, Isabela, also known by her younger sister as “Senorita Perfecta,” is gifted with the ability to summon beautiful flowers and plants.

Isabela Encanto Background

The oldest Madrigal granddaughter by a few weeks is Isabela Madrigal, who is 21. Isabela shoulders her burdens, much like the other members of the Madrigal family. As the eldest of the grandkids, she is more important than the others in ensuring that an heir is born first and the Madrigal family tradition will remain in continuity.

Isabela appears to be very feminine and charming since she has control over flowers. As Encanto goes on, however, we learn that Isabela has an aggressive side that hides from everyone but Mirabel and feels compelled to act in this manner due to her gift. The edginess, however, comes out as harsh, leaving a significant chasm between Mirabel and Isabela.

Isabela Personality

Isabela has a reputation for being both elegant and beautiful, even to the point of being “perfect.” Isabela wants to do everything it takes to make her family proud because she cares about them. She is willing to sacrifice her happiness and her own life for her family, which displays her loyal and selfless character. 

She lacks the same complicated relationship with her sister, Luisa, and gets along with her, even though she stays away from Mirabel for most of the movie. A few months younger than Isabela’s cousin, Dolores is considered a sibling. 

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Isabela Pressure

Being the “perfect golden kid,” Isabela is under pressure to fulfil her family’s expectations and conceal her flaws. Mirabel calls Isabela “effortlessly perfect” because of her elegance, good appearance and ability to grow lovely plants. 

She is engaged to Mariano Guzmán, a similarly attractive local guy. She also doesn’t want to wed Mariano; in truth, she is acting that way to appease her family and others. 

Isabela Encanto Relationship In Encanto

When Mariano first appeared, he was Isabela’s charming fiancé residing with his mother. Isabela married Mariano to please her family, not because she loved or was interested in him, yet she didn’t treat him poorly. Isabela pretends to be happy about Mariano’s imminent proposal throughout the movie and won’t acknowledge that she doesn’t love him. 

Isabela was polite to Mariano during the dinner proposal, but she had a false grin when he asked her to marry him since she was unhappy with the arrangement. 

Moreover, Isabela accidentally fractured his nose twice. 

The first time was at proposing when she mishandled her present because she was alarmed by the cracks forming around the home. Later, when she and Mirabel argued, she compared his nose to crushed papaya. The second occurred in “What Else Can I Do?” as Alma spoke to the Guzmans, she began experimenting with her powers.

She dances and chats with Mariano at the event in Antonio’s new place. During the song “All of You,” she was pleased when Mariano started dating her cousin Dolores. Because neither of them was genuinely engaged in their failed engagement, their connection will be more pleasant and free of resentment due to these circumstances. 

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Magic Skills 

Isabela has the ability of Chlorokinesis, which enables her to summon and tend to flowers. She influences plants as well. Since she needed to be flawless, Isabela used to plant vines and stunning, symmetrical flowers like roses exclusively. But once she started being herself, she began exploring with her gift and discovered she could also grow other kinds of plants, including cacti. 

She even can grow coloured replicas of exotic plants. You may see a purple cactus if you pay close attention. Isabela has a lot of control over her ability since she can imagine any plant and it will grow. 

Despite her complete control over her gift, her powers appear to be related to her emotions, and she can thus lose control of her ability. Isabela possesses a great knowledge about different types of flowers with some gardening skills.

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