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Isabela Merced’s Superman Set Photos Anger Hawkgirl Fans

There are promising glimpses of a solid Hawkgirl design in the leaked “Superman” pictures. Notably, the helmet is impressively accurate, and she’s seen wielding a mace, akin to her comic book and animated renditions. However, these elements can’t entirely make up for the bland and uninspired leather top, pants, and jacket that fall short of the character’s iconic look cherished by DC fans. It’s important to mention that Hawkgirl, Mr. Terrific, and Guy Gardner all sport similar outfits, with minor tweaks distinguishing them. Each costume features a central logo on the shirt, which might hint at how their narrative unfolds and leads to more comic-accurate costumes in the end.

The symbol on all their costumes is associated with Lord Tech, a company owned by the morally ambiguous Maxwell Lord, who will be featured in the film, portrayed by Sean Gunn — a casting decision that has attracted some criticism for James Gunn. The implication is clear: these suits are supplied by Lord, who seems to be collaborating with these heroes. This collaboration could be instrumental in the formation of the Justice League International. Given Lord’s history as a DC villain, it’s conceivable that the heroes may eventually turn against him and his company, likely aligning with Superman. Consequently, they might abandon their Lord Tech gear and adopt more fitting super suits as they step into a new phase of their crime-fighting journey.

Fans eagerly awaiting this transformation will find out if Hawkgirl receives a less controversial and more dynamic suit in “Superman” when the film hits theaters on July 11, 2025. Until then, the speculation continues, leaving room for excitement and discussion among DC enthusiasts.

Source: various news sources