Isabelle Junot’s Stylish Baby Shower with Celebrity Friends Sassa de Osma and Renata Collado

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These days are full of excitement for Isabelle Junot and her close friends. Just a few hours ago, they were celebrating the upcoming arrival of the baby belonging to her beloved friend, Peruvian businesswoman known as the jet chef, Belén Barnechea, who resides in Madrid. Belén is also a member of Isabelle’s social circle. Today, Isabelle’s turn has come to celebrate her daughter’s upcoming arrival, and her closest friends are rejoicing with her.

The baby shower was held at QÚ, a popular restaurant in Madrid known for its haute cuisine. Isabelle chose to wear a white dress with natural blue printed figures, featuring short, puffed sleeves, and a flattering heart-shaped neckline. The dress was tight-fitting under her chest, showcasing her considerable baby bump. With a glowing smile that radiated with anticipation and enthusiasm, Isabelle welcomed her closest friends.

The previous day saw a double celebration, with both Isabelle and Belen holding their respective baby showers one after the other. Belen, being a Peruvian chef and the wife of Martín Cabello de los Cobos, also resides in Spain.

Isabelle’s baby shower was filled with joy, gifts, and smiles, and the décor featured pink balloons, delectable cupcakes, and a cake inscribed with “Baby girl.” Among the guests in attendance, Princess Sassa de Osma was seen wearing a beautiful, multicolored Hawaiian dress from Philippa 1970, which she paired with a navy blue knit sweater. Her hair was styled with loose waves, accessorized with retro black frame sunglasses and a fine choker.

Other notable attendees present include Renata Collado, the partner of Alonso Aznar and daughter of former President José María Aznar and former Madrid mayor Ana Botella. Renata wore a sophisticated, white suit jacket paired with a light top and low-heeled, pointed-toe shoes, and carried a medium-sized black bag.

Belén Barnechea, the daughter of renowned writer Alfredo Barnechea and the jet chef, couldn’t miss this unforgettable occasion. Belen and Isabelle have a close relationship, and their friendship began in New York, where Belen pursued advertising and communication before switching paths to follow her dream of confectionery. Belen now resides in Madrid, living in the same city as Isabelle, allowing them to see each other regularly.

At the end of the baby shower, Isabelle expressed her gratitude to the restaurant for hosting the event and thanked her friends for their affection. Attendees were also given a small treat as a token of appreciation- a Kérastase bag, a famous professional luxury hair care brand that Isabelle is the face of in their latest campaign.

Overall, Isabelle Junot’s baby shower was a joyous occasion filled with laughter, love, and friendship, and we wish her all the best for her upcoming arrival.

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