Israel throws away 80 thousand vaccines against the coronavirus: they cost almost two million dollars

Israel throws away 80 thousand vaccines against the coronavirus: they cost almost two million dollars

In the same week that he authorized the application of a third dose and reported the highest number of cases in four months, Israel should throw it away 80 thousand vaccines against him coronavirus that expire this Saturday.

According to a report by Canal 12 local reproduced by the agency ANY, the pharmacist that manufactured the doses did not authorize the expiration date extension, so they must be discarded.

The inoculants are worth about six million shekels ($ 1,858,141) and their manufacturer was not disclosed, although a report in the British newspaper The Times at the beginning of July he warned that about a million Pfizer vaccines were close to their expiration date.

The Israeli Ministry of Health, for its part, reported: “The State of Israel manages its vaccine inventory at the same time as emphasizes the expiration of the product which is very precious as it saves lives and is in turn desired by many countries in the world. Confidentiality agreements were signed and exact vaccine amounts cannot be disclosed”.

Third doses for those over 60 years old

Israel began to apply a third dose of the coronavirus vaccine to adults over 60 years of age, in an attempt to stop the advance of the Delta variant, which has the country on alert. The local government decided not to wait for authorization from the United States to apply a third inoculation.

To boost the campaign Israeli President Isaac Herzog was one of the first to receive the reinforcement of the Pfizer vaccine, available for a few weeks for immunosuppressed adults and now also for those over 60 who received the second dose at least five months ago. Also the former prime minister Benjamin netanyahu a third injection was given.

“We started the vaccination booster campaign” so that life can return to normal as soon as possible, President Herzog declared after being vaccinated. Administration of three doses of the anticovid vaccine supposedly reinforces protection against the contagious delta variant, according to the Pfizer laboratory, but It has not yet been approved by the health authorities of the United States or the European Union.

Although Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Benet announced on Thursday that this third dose would begin to be administered from next Sunday, the start of the inoculation was advanced to Friday, and two of the health service providers already offer it. to his clients.

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