It came true: Deadpool came to the MCU in the least expected way

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Since Disney bought Fox in March 2019, one of the most recurrent themes among fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was if the characters that were owned by the exhort of The Simpsons were going to take place in the franchise. After more than two years of waiting, Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool was finally confirmed to have come to the MCU to stay. See how they advertised it!

The truth is Many fans doubted the presence of the mercenary, since the Mickey Mouse company suspended the project of the third film for not being a film that is aimed at the most familiar audience, as those of the Avengers. It was in February that the Kevin Feige revealed that production has resumed and that it will be rated R.

“It will be rated R and we are working on a script at the moment, and Ryan is overseeing a script at the moment … It will not be filmed this year. Ryan is a very busy and successful actor. We have a number of things that we have already done. announced that now we have to do it, but it’s exciting to have started. Again, a very different kind of character in the MCU, and Ryan is a force of nature, which is just amazing to see him bring that character to life. “, Told him Cowardly a Collider at the time.

All ads from Marvel Studios They are held on special occasions, such as conventions or Disney events, but this time a rarity happened. Ryan Reynolds announced the arrival of Deadpool to the MCU on his social networks with a video of the character accompanied by Korg, who was part of Thor: Ragnarok, while reacting to the trailer of Free Guy, a new film by the actor. You did not see it? Look it here!

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“Deadpool Maximum Reactions” the section of the figure was called, who pretended to be a youtuber who reacts to various content. There he introduced Korg, interpreted by Taika Waititi, in what it means Deadpool’s first interaction directly with the MCU, although at the moment his third film is in the scripts. We can’t wait to see him with other characters!

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