It does not matter? Brad Pitt’s doppelganger who made it to television and became all the rage

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The world of similarities is as crowded as it is controversial. It is full of people who claim to be the aces of this unnecessary skill that consists of being able to identify anyone with a celebrity of Hollywood. It is clear that most of the time it boils down to a “believe or burst” and that the reality is that they are all completely subjective cases, which for some may be correct and for others be on the other side of what is plausible. Yesterday, just one day after his birthday, a new double of Brad Pitt.

The Oklahoma native celebrates his 58th birthday this Saturday and, despite the late Oscar that just arrived thanks to Once upon a time… In Hollywood, is considered one of the best actors of his generation. Papers like those of The fight Club, Seven The 12 Monkeys endorse this position that has the artist as one of the leading performers in the film industry.

This Friday, during a broadcast of the Argentine television program Welcome aboard that drives Guido the Duck, a person who claimed to be twice the number of Brad Pitt. The gameshow Argentine proposes that the different people approach the set with the intention that the host and the members of the show guess who the participant looks like. Many times it is resolved immediately and in many others it takes time.

For this man from the Argentine town of Avellaneda, who drives a truck that transports dairy products, the resolution took a long time. Is that so much Kazcka like the rest of the campus of Welcome aboard did not seem to find the resemblance. Figures such as Jeff Daniels, football player Claudio Paul Caniggia and the singer Adrian Barilari. Finally, the driver was able to guess that it was Brad Pitt. More precisely, it resembled the artist’s version seen in 2005, in Mr. & Mrs. Smith, movie in which he met Angelina Jolie.

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The project that will unite Brad Pitt with Lewis Hamilton

In 2022, Brad Pitt he could go back to work with his friend George Clooney in a feature film, but if you have to talk about projects that attract attention, one of them would link you to a sports star. Deadline reported that several studios and streaming platforms are competing for the rights to distribute a film focused on Formula 1 that will have him as the protagonist and in which the champion of the sport will also work, Lewis Hamilton. So far, it is not known if the pilot will have a cameo or if he will simply be a producer, as well as details about the plot.

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