It Takes Two creator on NFTs: “I prefer a knee shot”

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Josef Fares, the creator of Brothers: Tale of Two Sons, A Way Out and the recent It Takes Two (Game of the Year for MeriStation and GOTY 2021 at The Game Awards), he has always been an uncle Without mincing words and very clear when it comes to making your opinion known. His greatest hits include the “Fuck the Oscars”And the mythical comparison between sex and video games, at least in terms of duration. Well, Fares has now wanted to comment on the controversial NFT and his statements have lived up to his person.

“Let me tell you something,” he began to say in an interview for The Washington Post, “Any decision at stake to make the player pay more is wrong. If you make a game with the intention of telling a story and you do that, I believe it is wrong. Now if you ask the CEO who runs a great company, he would say that I am an idiot because companies are there to make money. But I would keep saying no because, for me, video games are art. I’d rather shoot myself in the knee than include NFT in my next jobs”.

Neither NFT nor games as a service

Clearer, water. But Fares dares to go further and not only aims his darts at NFTs, but also at the so-called “games as a service”. He does not understand the interest in replayability and in making the same audience return to the same title over and over again. “If we already have the problem that most of the people don’t finish the games (here we reviewed the most finished and abandoned of 2021), why focus on replayability? There are titles designed for this and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing per se, but we at Hazelight we will never do something like this”.

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