It was a major piece of DC and now claims that Marvel is better

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In recent decades the world of entertainment was collapsed by the movies of Marvel Y DC Comics, each with its Cinematic Universe. Of course, the fans appreciate it, since they saw a new stage of adaptations like never seen before. There are differences between both franchises and David S. Goyer explains it.

The MCU began its saga in 2008 with the launch of Iron Man and lasted in time after being acquired by Disney. On the side of DCEU We have Warner Bros. as the production company that promotes the films, although we well know that the box office results are favorable for Marvel and until the re-release of Avatar they had the highest grossing film in history.

Black Widow It is considered the first big blow for Marvel and is due to some cinemas that continue to be closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic. On the other side we find cases of failures that have nothing to do with Covid-19, such as that of Batman vs. Superman (2016), that From the first weekend to the second he suffered a fall never before seen for a bluckbuster, and there the distrust of WB with Zack Snyder was generated.

The writer of the aforementioned tape and the first Superman of 2013, David S. Goyer, recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter and made it clear why Marvel is better than DC: “I think one of the reasons is that Marvel has had consistent leadership for the last 15 years or more, while DC has not. There have been so many changes regarding who is in charge of DC. This is fundamentally very difficult.”.

In his statement he continued: “It’s hard to make headway when leadership is changing. One of the other things that has made Marvel incredibly successful is that all of their adaptations are true to the source. Ant-Man feels like Ant-Man. Hulk feels like Hulk. They don’t try to change things. They try to build closer to the original intention. “. “So it’s about having a consistent universe, consistent leadership, and sticking to the source.”, culminated Goyer.

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