“It was the hand of God”: passion against the cruelty of life

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At first sight, “It was the hand of God”(” The Hand of God ”), the new film by Paolo Sorrentino, which has just been uploaded to Netflix, can give the impression that it has soccer and Diego Armando Maradona as a central place in the story.

Although the arrival of Maradona to the club Napoli Italy, as well as its historic campaign, runs through the whole plot, the film speaks of something more obvious but vital: the passion, in this case the cinema, against the cruelty of life.

Reality tends to overwhelm people. In this autobiographical fiction, it happens at an early age: in a young man who is in the process of choosing a path for his future.

The protagonist, Fabietto Schisa (Filippo Scotti)He is a teenager who, at the beginning, discovers desire, enjoys his family, longs for Maradona to arrive in Naples, his city, during the 1980s.

Sorrentino gives us all the light of his native land, with his hyperbolic jokes about Italian customs and their settings. The days are lit by laughter, refreshed by the sea and lit by the secret and brand new sexual attraction of the boy.

A tragedy it changes everything. The colors of the shots become opaque, Fabietto appears more and more alone than at first. Diego works miracles but it is not enough.

The parties do not end for Fabiè, because he has never been invited. Although he believes that he has nothing to tell, a place to cling to in the face of horror, a passion blooms little by little: although incipient, it shows itself.

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It was the hand of God”He tells us about the salvations —the cinema in Sorrentino’s case—, about the complexities within families, that a goal, a conversation, the sea, a trip can change everything; that, even in pain, there is still a way.

The synopsis of “It was the hand of God”, The most recent film by Paolo Sorrentino, has just reached Netflix under this synopsis. “Naples, 1980s. While the young Fabietto continues his passion for football, a family tragedy outlines his uncertain but promising future as a filmmaker”Says the description on the streaming platform’s official page.

Paolo Sorrentino is a 51-year-old Italian filmmaker, born on May 31, 1970 in Naples. In 2013 he won an Oscar for the film “The great beauty” in the category of Best foreign film. It has been recognized by productions such as “The celebrity“And the hit television series”The New Pope“, In which the Peruvian actor participated Ramon Garcia. He also published the novel “They are all right”, With which he was a finalist in the Strega Award in 2011.

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