It wasn’t my fault: how is the Mexican series that will debut on Star +

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From August 31, Star+ It will be available in the Latin American market with all the content proposals that do not fit into the family spectrum. There they will see productions such as Logan O Deadpool, to mention some more emblematic cases of absences in Disney+, as well as The Handmaid’s Tale. On the platform there will be a presence of the region with a new original series.

The series will arrive in mid-September. (Star +)

Is about It was not my fault, a production that will have three different versions, one produced in Mexico, another in Colombia and a third in Brazil. It is a series aimed at telling stories of real femicides “Of different ages, social classes and places of origin”, according to the information provided by the company. In the case of Mexico, it can be seen from next September 17.

It wasn’t my fault Mexico will be headed by Paulina Gaitan, Raul Mendez, Damian Alcazar and Giovanna Utrilla. The story will focus on the disappearance of Lili, seen from the eyes of Mariana, his older sister. She was the one who raised her as a daughter when they were orphaned and must face this terrible situation that will lead to the death of her sister. She will delve into what happened in those two years from when she disappeared until they found her lifeless.

Gender violence will be the focus of the three versions of It was not my fault. Each installment will consist of a total of ten 45-minute episodes. Each of the chapters will show a different story and will have as a connector the murder of Lili and your research. The investigation led by Mariana It will also help her find some peace in helping other people who are going through a similar situation to the one she had to live.

Santa Evita, the Argentine production that will be seen by Star +

This week it was announced that Santa Evita, an original production of Star+ made in Argentina concluded its filming. The series headed by Natalia Oreiro and Darius Grandinetti it was filmed over 19 weeks. It will be focused on the story of one of the most important figures in modern Argentine history, that of Eva Peron, and will focus on his embalmed body.

santa avoids star + natalia oreiro

Natalia Oreiro and a striking resemblance to Evita. (Disney)

The fiction of Star+ It will be released in 2022 and will feature the participation of Ernesto Alterio, Francesc Orella and Diego Velazquez. It was reported that it will be composed of a total of seven episodes, in which the Mexican will also participate. Salma Hayek. “Santa Evita is one of the most anticipated original series of Star+, and a perfect example of the type of content we are developing and producing for our new adult streaming platform: stories that address relevant issues in our region, created in partnership with leading production houses in Latin America and starring favorite renowned talents of local audiences “, he claimed Diego Lerner, President of The Walt Disney Company Latin America.

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