“It will not happen again”: Alberto Fernández apologizes publicly for celebrating his wife’s birthday in full confinement

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The president of Argentina, Alberto Fernández, publicly apologized this Friday for the social meeting he held at the presidential residence of Olivos, in July last year, on the occasion of the birthday of his wife, Fabiola Yáñez, and assured that “he will not return to occur”.

“Fabiola called a toast with her friends and it shouldn’t have been. I should have been more careful and we didn’t “, manifested the president during an official act in the town of Olavarría, province of Buenos Aires.

The event transpired this Thursday, after the publication in the media of a photo in which the presidential couple is seen with a dozen people, celebrating the anniversary of Yáñez without social distancing or masks.

The image corresponds to July 14, 2020, when the country was under strict confinement in phase 1, due to the covid-19 pandemic.

“All those months I stayed working in Olivos on the recommendation of doctors, but it became a city because ministers, secretaries, actors, actresses, footballers, people who had problems due to the pandemic and needed to be listened to went there,” explained Fernández.

“I lived in great vertigo that made me have meetings with hundreds of people, and I could not do otherwise because I am the president of Argentina and I had to listen to solve problems, “he said, adding that the information about the people who entered and left the president’s residence is available:” We do not hide anything. ”

On the morning of this same day, the Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers of Argentina, Santiago Cafiero, acknowledged the veracity of the photo of the celebration, and admitted: “It is evident that there was an oversight, a mistake was made that shouldn’t have happened and it was wrong. ”

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