Italian elections: Clear majority for Meloni, bad Salvini. Disappointment of the centre-left

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 Italy Turns Right. Giorgia Meloni won the general election with a clear majority, even at the cost of her coalition allies. Instead, a disappointing result for the center-left of the Democratic Party, while former Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte’s 5-Star movement beat forecasts.

According to the latest polls, Fratelli d’Italia is the first party with 26% of the preferences, while Lega and Forza Italia register 9% and 8% respectively. A “black” night for the party led by Enrico Letta with only 19.2%, while Conte exceeded the 15% threshold.

A large majority in both chambers for the center-right coalition, which obtained an absolute majority of 44.1%, while the center-left formed by PD-+Europa, Verdes and SI remained at 26.25%. The third pole of Azione (Carlo Calenda) and Italia Viva (Matteo Renzi) reached 7.7%.

The participation figure (64%), which has dropped by around 9% compared to the previous elections in 2018 (73%), invites reflection: It is the lowest figure in the history of the Republic.

“The Italians have elected a center-right government led by Fratelli d’Italia,” said Giorgia Meloni after the projections certified the FdI’s victory.

The situation in which Italy, Europe and the world find themselves is not easy and therefore requires the contribution of all, a climate of serenity and respect for all. I regret the data on abstentionism: the great challenge is to bring Italians back to politics,” he added.

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