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Italy opens the gap in Europe in the labor obligation of the covid passport

International Drafting, Sep 17 (EFE) .- Italy has become the first European country to require the COVID health passport from public and private workers, a general measure that opens a gap in the European continent, where the requirements of This document is scarcer and they focus on employees in very specific sectors and, as a user, on leisure and hospitality.


The decision of the Italian Government affects 23 million public and private workers between October 15 and December 31, and establishes that without the health passport, no workplace will be accessible, although there are doubts about how it will be applied in large companies and the reaction of workers, because there are millions of people over 30 who have not yet been vaccinated.

A recent survey indicates that about 75% of Italians – almost 75% of the population over 12 years old have already been vaccinated – agree with the obligation of the health certificate against the covid.

With the measure approved this Thursday in the Council of Ministers, the President of the Government, Mario Draghi, manages to avoid imposing mandatory vaccination, with which he agreed, but which would have led to constitutional problems and created a break with his partners in the League.


In Germany it is not mandatory to be vaccinated against covid-19, nor for certain professional groups, and the law only includes the right to receive a vaccine against SARS-CoV-2. Therefore, an employer cannot take measures against those who have not been vaccinated and if only immunized people are allowed access to its facilities, it must continue to pay wages to workers not included in this group.

Since September 10, there is an obligation to notify the status of vaccinated or healed for employees in certain sectors such as schools, nurseries, residences, reception centers and penitentiary institutions. And since August 23, the rule of being vaccinated, healed or with a negative test to access the interior of bars and restaurants, gyms, events, hospitals, nursing homes and hotels, among others, has been in force.


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