Itatí Cantoral after receiving tribute in “En Boca de todos”: “They almost made me cry” | VIDEO

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In the latest edition of “On everyone’s lips”, Itatí Cantoral Y Susy diaz They were invited to talk about the passage of the Mexican woman in Peruvian lands.

The program of America TV paid a tribute to the actress for her career, who is known for playing Soraya Montenegro in “María la del Barrio”, one of the most representative villains of Mexican soap operas.

At the beginning of the link, Cantoral showed his excitement for working alongside Susy Díaz. “It is a pleasure to be in such a beautiful country, thanks to Radiomar, and for being with such a beautiful woman”he commented.

In the presentation of the report, the Mexican woman’s face of emotion could be seen. “I want to thank you for everything you went through, truly beautiful, it almost made me cry”said at the end of the report.

In the same way, Cantoral affirmed that it is the second time she has visited Peru and pointed out that she is excited for her family. “It’s magical, my children started crying. They did not believe they were seeing it (Machu Picchu) in real life “, he claimed.

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