It’s a national shame: Iván Duque on the dubious match that allowed a Colombian team to be promoted to the first division

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As a “national shame”, the president of Colombia, Iván Duque, described the move to the first division of the Colombian club Unión Magdalena, in a game marked as being rigged, after a controversial goal where the inaction of the defense generated mistrust. Several institutions related to soccer in that country announced that they will investigate what happened.

The Colombian president wrote on his Twitter account that “sport requires transparency, honesty and zero tolerance against any situation that delegitimizes sports ethics“In his trill, he reported that the Ministry of Sports is monitoring and urged Dimayor and the Colombian Football Federation (FCF) to clarify the situation” quickly. “

Last Saturday, Unión Magdalena won 2-1 against the Llaneros club, as part of the Quadrangular B of the BetPlay Dimayor 2021 Tournament. regulation of the Division, the team that occupied the first position in that fair would go to the first division in 2022.

Unión Magdalena ensured their promotion by defeating the locals, after drawing and coming back at the end of the game, with a second goal, in the last minute. The controversy was generated by observing on video the passivity and stillness on the part of the llanera defense, which seemed not to intervene to avoid the action.

Other reactions

The head of Sports, Guillermo Herrera Castaño said that he felt “outraged” by what happened and that it was “urgent” to give “clarity” to the situation and take the appropriate measures. “Colombian soccer and its fans deserve respect,” he added.

Among the reactions of organizations linked to football in the South American country, is the release of the FCF where it informs that “will monitor and ensure strict compliance“of what is established in the Unique Disciplinary Code of that Federation and in the Code of Ethics, in order to” guarantee the safeguarding of the integrity of the associated soccer competitions. “

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For his part, Fernando Jaramillo Giraldo, president of the Dimayor, organizer of the tournament, also pronounced and stated that this organization seeks to observe and respect “the ‘pro competitione’ principle (which seeks the normal development of competencies), as expressed in the Single Disciplinary Code, in its sporting events.

The Major Division sent the case to the Disciplinary Committee of the championship and to the Disciplinary Commission of the Dimayor “so that they act according to their competence.”

Similarly, the Llaneros team, based in the city of Villavicencio (Meta), issued a official statement where he asserts that it will start “internal investigations that correspond“, given the doubts of the transparency of its players, and that it hopes that Dimayor will do the same. So far the rival club, based in Santa Marta (Magdalena), has not spoken through its social networks.

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