“It’s crazy, money is everywhere!”: An armored car lost almost a million dollars and chaos broke out on a US highway

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Scenes of joy and madness were lived this Friday in a california highway when an armored car dropped several wads of money cash. Dozens of drivers stopped and got out of their cars to grab the Dollars scattered on the floor.

According to the channel KPBS, the incident occurred around 9 in the morning. The armored vehicle was traveling from a San Diego bank to the Federal Reserve with money from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). The driver was the only person aboard the tanker when the door was opened.

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In a video published on the networks, several people are seen run down the road, grab the bills by the handfuls and toss them in the air to party. Some even jumped for joy.

“Did you ever see this? What would you do? ”, @Demibagby posted on Instagram along with a video that immediately went viral.

“¡It’s crazy, there is money everywhere on the road! My God”the woman marveled amidst cars and trucks parked in the middle of Interstate 5, near San Diego. “It’s crazy, it’s free money”, He celebrated before throwing tickets into the air.

However, drivers hoping to line their pockets with extra cash before Thanksgiving are in the crosshairs of authorities.

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The thousands of dollars that fell to the asphalt they belong to a bank and the police asked whoever has a ticket to return it to the police station.

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What’s more, they arrested two people at the scene and warned that they seek to identify others with the videos that circulated on the networks.

“There are many video tests of people stealing money off the highway, picking it up, ”California Highway Patrol Sgt. Curtis Martin said at a news conference. “It’s better that they do the honesty policy than wait for us to find them and ring the bell,” Martin said.

Authorities were not yet able to determine the total amount of cash. Officer Martin confirmed that the total amount that flew out of the armored truck was less than a million dollars.

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