It’s not Tom Holland! The Marvel actor who joins the long list of James Bond

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One of the members of the Avengers could become Agent 007. Find out who is the new candidate who will compete for the role with figures like Tom Hardy or Idris Elba.

The Avenger that could be James Bond after Daniel Craig.
© MarvelThe Avenger that could be James Bond after Daniel Craig.

The actors who went through the Marvel Cinematic Universe they know very well what it is to be known by a franchise. It is that the films of the Avengers They became the highest grossing films in the history of cinema and collected fans around the world. However, there is another universe that still has a lot to explore and for which these same interpreters could have a chance. Who will be the new James Bond?

That Daniel Craig has played Agent 007 wonderfully is not a novelty. Despite this, fans of this character can’t wait to receive confirmation about his successor. One of the strongest candidates was Tom Holland, that brand new days Uncharted, revealed that he was very close to interpreting it. Is that the actor of Peter Parker expressed more than once his desire to be part of the film series and finally had talks with Sony Pictures.

After the idea, which consisted of an origin story about the most famous spy on the big screen, was discarded, the door was left open for new actors to be postulated for the iconic role. Continuing with the superhero movies, the name of Tom Hardy. Likewise, there was talk about the opportunity for them to personify him Michae Fassbender, Cillian Murphy, Idris Elba, Michael B. Jordan, Regé-Jean Page, Daniel Kaluuya y John Boyega.

Stop everything! Because a new name is added to the list and it sounds more than interesting. We talk about Chris Hemsworth, who has been part of Kevin Feige’s company since 2011 playing Thor both in his solo films and in those of The Avengers. This year, he promises to continue being part of the franchise with Thor: Love and Thunder. But… can he say goodbye to superheroes to become an agent?

Nothing is confirmed at the moment and they are just theories and wishes of the fans. However, the Australian actor showed throughout his career that he could carry out a film of this type to perfection. In an interview he stated: “When we were shooting Rush, someone mentioned the possibility of playing the character and I thought, ‘If this is my audition tape, then great. I don’t think you’ll meet anyone who doesn’t want to have a chance at James Bond. I would love to do it“.

He also stated: “It depends on many elements and is way above me; It’s also not one of the ones you can throw at yourself. It’s something that the Bond fan community, producer Barbara Broccoli and the whole team there agree on, and it has to be a very organic decision on their part. many names have been said and many brilliant people can tackle that mission”. Is this your big chance to play him?

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