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IU Andalucía, with convicts and thousands of € defrauded: “With Amancio Ortega’s yacht we would have 4,000 doctors”

Toni Valero, leader of IU Andalucía (party with three active mayors convicted and with thousands of euros defrauded according to the judges), wanted to criminalize this Tuesday that Amancio Ortega it has allegedly been decided to buy a yacht with your money. «With what it costs the yacht of Amancio Ortega could be hired 4,000 primary care physicians for one year», Has pointed out Valero. Yes indeed, has not calculated the doctors that could have been contracted with let him down by his party in Andalusia.

It would be good to remind Valero that the Criminal Court number 11 of Seville was firm and understood that United Left Andalusia was financed with the money of the Andalusians through the ‘DeSevilla Foundation’, attached to the Seville City Council, for a crime of subsidy fraud with the simple extenuating of undue delays.

The ruling, in fact, proved that the foundation, managed by IU in times of coalition with him PSOE of Monteseirín, diverted the grants received from the City Council for salaries and travels of its almost 30 workers. The crime: grant fraud with the simple mitigation of undue delay.

An alleged International cooperation for humanitarian purposes that was nothing but one more source for financing activities in the political environment of its managers. And all with public money from the Sevillians. In addition to the sentenced to prison Adam LopezTwo more members of IU were investigated: the one who was responsible for the Economy in the City Council, Carlos Vazquez, and the former first deputy mayor Antonio Rodrigo Torrijos placeholder image. The Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office finally dropped the charges against both.

But it is that, in addition, Vicente Tapia, mayor of Nueva Carteya (Córdoba); Alonso Segura, mayor of Cúllar (Granada) and Pedro Romero, mayor of Espera (Cádiz), are all charged with prevarication and despite this they remain in office. Neither Alberto Garzón, leader of the formation, nor Toni Valero, leader of IU in Andalusia, have forced their departure, nor is the possibility of them doing so on the table.

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