Ivana Yturbe admits that her Christmas dinner will arrive by delivery: “I haven’t had time for anything”

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A few hours before the arrival of Christmas, Ivana Yturbe He surprised in “En Boca de Todos” by explaining what his preparations are to receive the Christmas Eve with his Beto da Silva and his little Almudena.

Tula Rodriguez He asked the former reality girl what her plans were for tonight, and if she already had the food with which she was going to delight her family members. “Everything is ready in my house. Let’s eat turkey”, Responded influencer.

But nevertheless, Ricardo Rondon He wanted to delve into the subject and asked if she was the one who was in charge of cooking his Christmas dinner, and the response of the popular ‘Inca Princess’ surprised everyone on set.

Don’t ask me much. Normally I always make dinner, but this Christmas I have had to shop because between Almudena and work, the truth is that I have not had time for anything”Yturbe acknowledged.

When she was rebuked by Santi Lesmes, who questioned her for not knowing how to cook despite being a mother, Ivana Yturbe made a clarification about it.

It’s not that he hasn’t learned to cook. Just in case last year I did it at home, this time if I don’t have time, it’s crazy, it’s different, I’m adjusting, the fat woman is not even three months old“, answered.

The model was very enthusiastic since it is the first Christmas to celebrate with her three-month-old little girl. “I’m about to have the best Christmas of my life“, She pointed out, visibly excited.

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