Ivana Yturbe ‘chotea’ Brunella Horna after she named herself her baby’s godmother | VIDEO

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Ivana Yturbe she continues to make people talk because of her pregnancy. This time her great friend, Brunella Horna, shared an image on social networks where she made it clear that she would be the godmother of her first daughter.

The blonde model shared in her stories of Instagram a photo dining with your partner Richard Acuna and Yturbe with on esposo, Beto da Silva.Celebrating with my goddaughter ”, he pointed.

Given the fact, Yturbe was asked whether it was true that Horna would be her daughter’s godmother. “The truth is that I have not chosen yet, but you know what Brunella is like”, replied in “On everyone’s lips” a little embarrassed.

“He’s making points, yes, he keeps making points”The model commented with laughter about her friend. As it is recalled, former congressman Richard Acuña lent Yturbe and Da Silva their house in Trujillo for their marriage.

It should be noted that Ivana Yturbe signed a contract a month ago with the program “On everyone’s lips” to record reports with celebrities and where she talks about her pregnancy, which she announced at the end of May.

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