J Balvin Explains Through Video Why He Had to be Treated at The Clinic In the United States

In the midst of his mother’s struggle with COVID-19, singer J Balvin had to be admitted to a medical facility due to a delicate health issue. The Colombian sparked the concern of his followers after the publication of a video that showed him on a stretcher of a hospital, being treated by medical personnel. The singer was at all times accompanied by his father, whom he praised for being by his side in these difficult times. “Respect for my father for enduring this moment, we are united,” he said.

Fortunately, after spending several hours under observation, the interpreter was discharged and assured that his ailment was not serious. “Right now I was in the clinic, they put the serum on me, they told me it’s because I don’t sleep, it’s nothing serious. I’m fine, here what matters is my mom. Thank you all,” he said. The singer and his family are going through a difficult time due to the delicate state of health of his mother, Alba Mery Balvin, who was hospitalized last Thursday for health complications after contracting the virus. Last weekend, the matriarch was transferred to the intensive care unit after her situation worsened.

Balvin turned to his followers to ask for prayers for his mother’s speedy recovery. More prayers and prayers for everyone who is going through something similar,” she wrote on her Instagram stories. So far, the singer’s mother remains hospitalized in a delicate condition. I would give everything for mom’s health,” the singer said on his Twitter account.

In fact, Álvaro Osorio also recently made a post sending an emotional message to his wife in these difficult times. “Albita Balvin my beautiful incondite. The queen of good loves. We are waiting for you soon in our home, You do not know how much I miss your scolding, my incentive, and my remedy for the insomnia of the moment,” wrote J Balvin’s father.

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Mother of J Balvin presents some improvements

While Balvin was also being treated for his excessive tiredness and lack of sleep, his mother presented some positive advances. According to the newspaper El Colombiano, on Monday the woman presented a slight improvement, while on Tuesday the doctors began to lower her sedation and oxygen assistance.

This represents hope for J Balvin, who has asked his fans for prayers and good wishes for his mother. Something he desires with all his heart, as could be evidenced in his trill published on February 20: “I would give everything for mom’s health,” he mentioned in the message that he already has thousands of reactions.

Since last February 17, the unfortunate news that J Balvin’s mother entered a clinic in Medellín due to complications of covid-19 was known. It is worth mentioning that Mrs. Alba Mery Balvin, was infected by the SARS-CoV-2 virus at the end of 2021, so the family did not spend a very pleasant end of the year holidays due to concern for the health of the woman.

Through his social networks, the interpreter of ‘Niño Soñador’ shared an emotional message in which he asked his followers to raise a prayer for the speedy recovery of his family member and stressed that he, like his family, are human beings like the rest of society and are not vulnerable to this type of incident. This happened the first days in the complication presented by Balvin’s mother.

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