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'Jackass' Star Steve-O Plans Boob Job as a Comedy Bit

‘Jackass’ Star Steve-O Plans Boob Job as a Comedy Bit

Steve-O has made an announcement that has everyone talking. The Jackass star revealed during an interview with the X5 podcast on Wednesday that he plans to undergo an unexpected surgery for his upcoming Gone Too Far tour. “I came up with the idea a few years ago to get a boob job,” he shared. His plan involves filming a variety of hidden camera pranks while in disguise, only to later reveal his true identity. This stunt, he believes, will bring out a new level of comedy.

Steve-O expressed his enthusiasm for the idea, emphasizing the comedy potential it holds. He mentioned how this plan aligns perfectly with his brand of humor, which often involves extreme commitment. “The opportunity for comedy is absolutely there, and it’s like the quintessential Steve-O,” he explained. He has already booked the procedure and had a meeting with his fellow Jackass collaborators, Johnny Knoxville and Jeff Tremaine, to brainstorm ideas involving the augmentation.

Interestingly, the comedian has no intention of keeping his new additions permanently. “I’m only gonna have these tits for like, max, two months, and then they’re coming out,” he affirmed. He’s even consulted a top doctor renowned for giving men impressive chest augmentations to ensure the best results.

Despite his excitement, Steve-O admitted to having some concerns about the potential long-term impacts of the procedure. He candidly discussed these worries with his doctors. “The one thing I’m really freaked out about, and bummed out about, is if I’m just gonna be a mess afterward,” he said. Thankfully, the doctors reassured him that as long as the implants are removed within two months, there should be no lasting issues.

For Steve-O, body modification is not a new realm. “I believe in the comedy,” he stressed. His history includes various body modifications, such as his notable back tattoo and a butt piercing. He sees these physical changes as part of his artistic expression. “It’s been a lane in my art since the beginning. And this level of commitment to this bit, how nuts it is — I believe in it, and I’m gonna go ahead and do it,” he declared.

Steve-O’s chest has already been evaluated for optimal enhancement. “I have it confirmed: D cup,” he revealed, noting that his natural physique will help in accommodating the sizeable implants. He humorously acknowledged how aging has already affected his body, causing dimples in his developing man boobs. “It’s something that just happens with age. I actually have f—ing dimples,” he commented, adding, “That’s funny. Father Time, you motherf—er. You’re gonna give me man boobs, huh? You f—ing asshole. I will show you!”

In promoting the interview on Instagram, Steve-O wrote, “I said way more in this interview than I should have, but f— it! My life is about to get properly crazy.”

The comedian also highlighted how this stunt could generate significant publicity for his tour. “The bar is so f—ing high, so for me to raise it, it kinda calls for me to actually push things too far,” he noted. “Like in the spirit of Gone Too Far, getting a boob job, nuclear move. All kinds of people are just gonna f—ing hate on it like crazy, and so many people are gonna know about it, that I’m just kinda looking at it like a numbers game.”

Steve-O’s dedication to his craft and willingness to push boundaries continues to captivate his audience and spark discussions. His forthcoming stunt is sure to elicit reactions and draw attention, reaffirming his status as a comedic daredevil.

Source: X5 Podcast