Jacky can’t get over leaving Acapulco Shore 8

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Acapulco Shore 8 continues to talk and, although there are only a few chapters left for the series to say goodbye to this season, the truth is that the riot and controversy continue. Especially in the episode 13 of this past Tuesday when Jacky finally left the Acapulco mansion along with his only ally Fernanda. After the strong discussion with Jaylin in the past chapters, the shore More conflictive, she had no choice but to leave for good. Now that, yeah, apparently he didn’t take it well at all. Look.

Jacky and Fer out of Acapulco Shore 8

The shore decided to put an end to Jacky’s stay in Acapulco Shore and she had no choice but to pack her bags as quickly as possible to leave the mansion. He went with his friend Fernanda and, although, Alba tried to make passes, the member shore he had the most fights this season, he did not want to hear. In fact, she left Acapulco quite angry.

I would like her to leave with a little love and not alone “Alba said. But Jacky didn’t believe him at all. “She is a disloyal fucking. And these people nowhere fits because sooner or later they will make themselves known“The two participants of the reality show hugged each other at the exit, but things did not turn out well at all.

On the other hand, the fans of the show stated that they do not trust the friendship between Jacky and Fer. So much so that many suppose that he did not accompany her on this exit from the mansion because he is fond of her but because it suited her. The truth is that neither of the two will be in the next chapters that will be the end of this installment of Acapulco Shore.

Even though it’s about to end MTV has already confirmed that a version of this reality show will air in Brazil and that it is called River shore. It does not yet have a stipulated release date, but it is believed to be in the next few months of this year. So far, the series can be seen both on the stereo and also on Paramount+, a streaming platform that arrived in Latin America in early 2021.

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